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WARNING: These Japanese Crackers are so Spicy, you Could Grow a Mustache and Look Mexican

Speaking of Hispanic-targeted snacks & drinks, here are some Mexican-flavored wheat crackers you can enjoy while playing with your culturally-relevant toys. ¡Ajúa! [These things look so delicious, they reminded me of these other ones.] Hat tip: @SaraChicaD

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See? NAFTA Was a Good Idea, After All…

We make Canadians pay $5 for a kilo of tortillas. Ha!

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Here’s What I’ll be Doing this Thanksgiving

For all of my readers who have not asked: I’m going to spend the long weekend helping this nice lady teach her turkey behave like a civilized creature -once and for all. If unsuccessful, we’re just going to roast the … Continue reading

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J.C. Penney Wants you to Have a Very Happy ‘Tamalegiving’

In the latest installment of the “How to Turn your Gringo Holiday into a Relevant Latino Holiday,” series, I give you Tamalegiving, a simple -yet delicious- way to turn Thanksgiving Day into Tamalegiving Day instead. Watch a very cute, acculturated … Continue reading

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Looking to Reverse Soup Slump, Campbell’s Turns to Hispanics

If you thought Fiesta Nacho Cheese, Kick-It-Up a Nacho or Mexican-style chicken tortilla  soups were enough to satisfy the demanding palate of my people (i.e. Hispanics,) think again. The venerable Campbell Soup Company, hoping to reverse a “soup slump,” is … Continue reading

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How do you say “Western BBQ” in Spanish?

Why bother thinking of creative ways to call a sandwich when you can just go with a straightforward, good ol’ translation? Now… about translating Grilled Sliders into Spanish… that’s another story.

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This Argentinian ‘Chef’ Will Teach you How NOT to Make Tacos

Argentinian “chef” Maru Botana this week came under fire by my people (i.e. The Mexicans) after she attempted to do something Argentinians should never, ever, do: prepare Mexican food. “Botana,” which is Spanish for “snack” and thus very likely not … Continue reading

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Mexican “Fusion” Stuff in NYC Now Getting Ridiculous

First came the “tortaria,” and now, this: A fusion between a taquería and a trattoria. Pinches bambinos! Hat tip: @tropicarlitos

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What Else were you Going to Call a Sushi Truck in Mexico?

Remember Mexico’s awesomely named courier service? Well, my people (i.e. the Mexicans) have done it again, this time with the Sushingon “FoooTruck” Photo: Iván Sanchez

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CNN Can’t Tell Difference Between Curves and Love Handles

I am not the one to criticize misleading headlines. After all, I use them all the time, for they can make all the difference between actually clicking on one story or ignoring it forever. So, when I saw had … Continue reading

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Speaking of National Taco Day and Clueless Fox News Hosts

As I was saying…… today is National Taco Day, so it was a perfect opportunity for a clueless Fox News host to ask his Nicaraguan colleague -whom he actually thought was Colombian- to discuss tacos (because, after all, all Latinos … Continue reading

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Oct. 4 is National Taco Day AND Vodka National Day. I’m Happy

Only in America, the land of opportunities -and government shutdowns- you can have a yummy, double celebration which looks to have been conceived specifically with this blogger in mind. Thanks to my buddy Tomás Custer for reminding me that today … Continue reading

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How to Prepare a Dominican Quesadilla

Ever wondered how to make a Dominican quesadilla? Easy! Just prepare a gringo quesadilla (flour tortillas, yellow/orange plastic-y cheese and pico de gallo) and serve with a side of French fries, chipotle sauce and a 12 oz. small-caps “pepsi.” All … Continue reading

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Dunkin Donuts’ Cuban Sandwich Luckily Only Available in Miami

And just when I needed one more reason to not visit Miami, Dunkin Donuts has introduced the all-new Cuban sandwich, featuring roasted pork loin, Swiss cheese and ham on an oven-toasted thing it dares to call a “French roll.” But if … Continue reading

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The $19.95 Quesadilla; Proudly Endorsed by the NY Times

Photo: Laura Martinez

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