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It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman… It’s a Taco!

Remember the MexiCannon? Well, that is nothing compared to what American engineers have come up with now. Meet the Taco Cannon. According to a report on KETV7 Omaha (which apparently is a real city) the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks will soon introduce a taco cannon to ‘spice up’ their … Continue reading

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Let’s Put a Tortilla on a Record Player, Shall we?

What happens when you put a tortilla on a record player? It plays El jarabe tapatío, of course! You don’t believe me? JUST WATCH! Happy Friday.  

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Clinton vs. Rubio: This One’s Going to be Super Easy

Photos: The Internet. Collage by yours truly (2015)

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It’s Time for ‘Chicharrones’ at the U.S.-Mexico Border

…Because even Border Patrol agents get their cravings for greasy snacks every now and then. Hat tip: Fernando Yee/Facebook

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Who Knew? Aztecs were into Pancakes

  Photo: Laura Martínez, Manhatitlán 2015.  

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British ‘Tortillas’ Feature Pyramids and Sombreros; Claim to Be ‘True Taste of Mexico’

From this blog’s London correspondent (formerly this blog’s West Coast correspondent) come Britain’s “Cool,” gluten-free Hey Ho to Mexico “tortillas,” which is apparently what the Brits call any corn-based produce that comes packaged in a plastic bag featuring pyramids and sombreros. These are not … Continue reading

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Ever Wondered Why Some Latin American Wines Taste Like Shit?

Remember that hot Latinas wine? Well, there’s even a better — or, rather, worse — version of that thing. It is called “Culitos” (literally “Little Assholes”) and I will not be buying it any time soon. ¡Guácala! Hat tip: @Bathtubmedia … Continue reading

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