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Coming Soon to your Hispanic TV Screen: ‘Cumbia Ninja’

What happens when an old Chinese ninja master meets a group of cumbia musicians living in a Latin American slum controlled by drug dealers? Well, I’m not really sure but we will soon find out, as MundoFox last week announced … Continue reading

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The Parties and the Fun Behind the 2013 Hispanic TV Upfronts

This is exhausting! In addition to covering this week’s Hispanic TV Upfronts for these guys and these guys, I had to save some juicy details for the not-so-serious side of the 3-day-marathon of parties, parties and parties, programming presentations, interviews … Continue reading

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Latinas to Shine in Primetime [As Maids, of Course]

As this blog dutifully reported it almost one year ago, Lifetime Television has finally set a date for the premiere of Devious Maids, a 13-episode series featuring a bunch of Latino women who work as -what else?- maids. Devious Maids is … Continue reading

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Kate del Castillo Pitches Fragrance not Called Kate del Castillo

First came Paulina, then Shakira, Banderas, JLo and even José José. Now, my paisana, Kate del Castillo, is the latest celebrity to join the club of Latino celebrities pitching a fragrance. But unlike previous launches, Kate’s fragrance is not called ‘Kate del Castillo.’ It is a … Continue reading

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mun2 Really Knows How to Get me Out of Bed at 8:00 am

mun2 on Tuesday unveiled its 2013-2014 programming line up at a morning press conference in Manhattan. And just to make sure this blogger would get out of bed so early in the morning, it brought in tacos and the taqueros who make … Continue reading

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Univision’s Bárbara Bermudo Launches Clothing Line at -Where Else?- Pompis Store

Latino celebrities are a resourceful bunch. Not content with having the main role on a telenovela, host a network’s most successful TV show or sell out music venues worldwide, they can easily switch gears to sell bottled water, flavored chips and/or their … Continue reading

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Eva Longoria Stars in Unintelligible Cat Food Commercial

Last time I reported on my favorite retro-acculturated Latina (aka La Prieta Faya,) she was busy peddling potato chip flavors among potato chip lovers. Now, in her most recent commercial exposure, Eva Longoria is busy promoting Sheba, a brand of “responsibly-sourced seafood,” … Continue reading

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Univision Boasts -in English- that is Now Beats NBC With Spanish Programming

Univision was so happy that its flagship Spanish-language network beat NBC in the February sweeps, it launched an English-language TV spot to spread the news. The ad features some of the network’s most popular shows; a mix of music, soccer … Continue reading

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The Only ‘Harlem Shake’ This Blog Will Ever Endorse

Hat tip: @aqwack

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‘The Guardian’ Uses Sombrero to Illustrate Story About Cycling in Mexico, Because, Why Not?

NOTE to British writers/bloggers for The Guardian: When unsure about how to  illustrate a story (or stories) regarding Mexico, Latin America or some other such place, go with a hat (any hat, really) and stay on the safe side. Cordially, … Continue reading

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Upon Helping America Re-elect Barack Obama, Eva Longoria Moves on to Pick New Potato Chip Flavor

Eva Longoria, this blogger’s favorite retro-acculturated Latina, might have been successful in her quest to get Barack Obama re-elected. But this time she needs your vote to accomplish something yet more significant -and potentially delicious: She wants your VOTE to … Continue reading

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God Created a Farmer; RAM Made a Macho out of Juanes

Hispanic news outlets and bloggers continue to blast RAM’s God Created a Farmer for forgetting to acknowledge what “real farmers” in America are all about. What RAM critics fail to see is that the automaker’s Hispanic campaign actually features a “really … Continue reading

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OMG You Guys! The Estefans Are Coming to Broadway

Well, not quite yet. But Estefan Enterprises and the Nederlander Organization today announced a plan “to develop and produce a new Broadway show inspired by the music made famous by Gloria Estefan and her husband musician/producer and entrepreneur Emilio Estefan.” Per … Continue reading

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Ramos, Sotomayor Could Use a Salsa Lesson. ASAP

It’s only one day before inauguration, and if this pair is to meet again at such historical event, they’d better hurry and take a crash course of salsa dancing. They can also go for a Groupon discout here. [This blogger … Continue reading

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This Blog Will be in Hiatus for a While, but I’m Leaving You Guys in Awesome Company

I know thousands some of you will be obsessively clicking on looking to get your daily fix of sardonic commentary about the wonderful world of Hispanic media. But you cannot have your pambazo and eat it too. This blogger is tired and needs … Continue reading

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