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New York City is Becoming Increasingly Challenging for English Speakers

I picked up a Citibike today and was glad to find all the relevant information in Spanish. Seriously, I think this was awesome, but I kind of felt bad for the non-Spanish crowd. ¡Gracias, señor DiBlassio! [or was this El … Continue reading

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West Harlem: Now Proudly Serving Dominican Sushi

…Whatever that means Photo: Laura Martinez (Harlem)

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It’s Official: Juan Gabriel Brings Joy to Mexican Immigrants

Oh, and yes, he packed Madison Square Garden last night (April 6, 2014)

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‘El Bloombito’ Now Greeting you Aboard NYC Taxis

Bill De Blasio might be the new mayor of New York City, but it looks like he has hired El Bloombito to work on the “Spanish-language” welcome messages aboard New York City taxis. I kind of want to reproach Mr. De Blasio … Continue reading

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Not Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Lunch on Park Avenue

This might sound a bit cliché, but living in New York truly gives you the best of both worlds: Park Avenue class with authentic Mexican food and drinks. Photo: Laura Martínez

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Unshocking Revelation: Gringos Think Mexico is Unsafe

If you survived Black Friday and managed not to be trampled by some lunatic mob at your local Walmart, chances are you’re already planning your Christmas vacation. But if you are like the average American whimp person, it is very … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Immigrant America!

Yes, this cover is from 2011. And yes, it is just as relevant today. Happy Thanksgiving! or –as we say in Spanish– “Japi Sansgivin”….. Via The New Yorker

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Mexican “Fusion” Stuff in NYC Now Getting Ridiculous

First came the “tortaria,” and now, this: A fusion between a taquería and a trattoria. Pinches bambinos! Hat tip: @tropicarlitos

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I Don’t Think this Is the Best Way to Promote Your Business’ Bilingual Capabilities

In #Harlem. Where else?

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Weiner to Univision: ‘This is Between New York and My Wife’

UPDATE: The millennials over at Fusion (the Hispennials) are challenging this post, telling me that what Weiner said was: “Entre YO y mi esposa” and not “Entre New York y mi esposa.” On the other hand, my friend thinks he … Continue reading

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The ‘New York Times’ Exposes Our Plan to Sneak into the U.S.

We didn’t plan for this to go public, but ‘The New York Times’ had to go and ruin it for us. Yes, part of Latinos’ master plan to sneak into this country is by disguising ourselves as movie mascots. What the … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Mexican Food in New York City

It is no secret that we (i.e. “The Mexicans”) are taking over the so-called Big Apple. And we are doing this quietly and deliciously, by replacing your Ketchup with salsa; your bagels with tortillas; your apple pie with buñuelos, etc. … Continue reading

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‘Bill’ Pushes for Population Control in Mexico

An ill-informed individual, presumably not Mexican (nor Indian) thought it would be an awesome idea to convey his/her thoughts on population control on a $1 bill… And, of course, of the millions of people who transact money on a daily … Continue reading

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This Dominican Salon in NYC Offers Clients a True Full Service

The mostly Latino staff at this Dominican salon on Amsterdam and 107th St. will not only wash, style, blow dry and fix your hair. They will also wash your hands, because, you know, they have to. Photo: Pierre Lacour

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This Whole Colombia-not-Columbia Thing is Getting Out of Control

Photo: Laura Martínez (109 & Broadway) #ItsColombiaNotColumbia

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