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There is a Network of ‘Expert Latinos’ Connecting People with Latino Experts -or Something

Go figure. I just found out there is an online collective of “Expert Latinos” called -ahem- Expert Latinos, which is already providing “expert Latino advice” to publications including El Diario la Prensa, Cosmopolitan Latina and La opinión. Per a press release: … Continue reading

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Bieber’s Arrest According to Mexican Tabloid

“Atoran y fichan a Bieber por una carerra callejera; se metió mota, chelas y pastas. Pure journalistic poetry, alas almost impossible to translate…

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Insight: How to Attract more Hispanics to your Restaurant

I just love it when business writers and business journals on the business of writing meaningless business pieces give business owners advice on how to attract more Hispanic customers to their, ahem, businesses. Take the Orlando Business Journal, whose appropriately-named … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Immigrant America!

Yes, this cover is from 2011. And yes, it is just as relevant today. Happy Thanksgiving! or –as we say in Spanish– “Japi Sansgivin”….. Via The New Yorker

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Bilingual Headline Brilliantly Sums Up Mexico-Panama Weekend Match

Here’s how Panamanian sports newspaper Crítica summed up Raul Jimenez’ master goal against Panama for the 2-1 final score, which may -or may not- help us get to Brazil 2014. Vía: Hazme el Chingado Favor

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The ‘Miami Herald’ is About to Get Muy Caliente…

Ah… Hispanic Heritage Month is not even here and marketers and publishers are already getting very excited. Take the Miami Herald, which is already hyping up interest for Caliente, a free Spanish-language tabloid featuring stories that most concern my people (i.e. … Continue reading

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‘El Tiempo Latino:’ What Jeff Bezos Was Really After…

As usual, the so-called “mainstream media” missed the boat on this one. For all the hoopla around Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post, most media writers failed to point out that the Post is the proud publisher of El Tiempo Latino, … Continue reading

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‘Three Die After Being Killed.’ Lessons in Print Journalism

Print is not dead. It will only be dead when somebody actually goes and shoot it to death. Got it? Hat tip: @tropicarlitos    

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‘Cosmopolitan’ Wants you to Know Latin Sex is Spicier than Regular Sex

Wanna know what’s worse than 50 Shades of Grey? A Cosmpolitan for Latinas review of 50 Shades of Grey. Written by Ariel Nagi, the review aims at giving a “Latin twist” to the inexplicably Best-Selling book about bondage and spanking. … Continue reading

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And you Thought ‘El Chavo’ and Romney Had Nothing in Common

  Brilliant cover by my peeps over at @eldiariony on Mitt Romney’s oops Latino moment of the week.

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So, Here is what Happened Friday in NYC [en Español] ‘Tiroteos Kill 2 y Terminó 8′

Call me crazy, but I think newspapers that use Google Translate to provide Hispanics with fresh, up-to-the-minute information are totally awesome. Otherwise, where would this blogger get her kicks? Take the Hartford Courant, which in an effort to appeal to the budding Latino … Continue reading

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‘Time’ Magazine Wants you to Believe There are Legal -and Illegal- ‘Americans’

I’m sorry, Time Magazine, but last time I checked, America was a continent, and as far as I can tell, I’m pretty legal. Osea, I’m legally brunette -and as American as Mexican tamales. I just feel like singing this song outloud … Continue reading

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Jessica ‘Simspon’ Sells Her Daughter to ‘People en Español’ –Or Something Like That

Judging by this headline in “Spanish,” Jessica Simspon [SIC] just had a daughter who happens to be a “bienvendida” LOL… LOL.. Have these people ever heard about these underpaid and under appreciated professionals known as proofreaders? Can I send you guys my … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Clothing and Talented Latinas….

There are those who don’t really need to wear jeans –or much else for that matter– to get ahead.

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A Valentine’s Gift That Will Make Your Girlfriend Wrap Her Legs -Not Arms- Around Your Neck

The creators of the Partner ES900, a portable translator that would seduce your girlfriend into opening her legs, are back at it, with a new marketing blitz pitching the device as the sole “linguistic method” that would make your girl … Continue reading

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