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Mexican Cutting Edge Technology

Forget Google Glass, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Microsoft’s ‘smart bra’ and the like. Only in Mexico will you find baseball hats and sunglasses that double as “devices of mobile communication.” This, my friends, is what the future looks like. Greetings … Continue reading

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Unshocking Revelation: Gringos Think Mexico is Unsafe

If you survived Black Friday and managed not to be trampled by some lunatic mob at your local Walmart, chances are you’re already planning your Christmas vacation. But if you are like the average American whimp person, it is very … Continue reading

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See? NAFTA Was a Good Idea, After All…

We make Canadians pay $5 for a kilo of tortillas. Ha!

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I’m Sure Cynthia Duque Will do a Fine Job Representing my People at the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

I’m proud to introduce you guys to Cynthia Duque Garza, the Monterrey native beauty who will represent my people (i.e. the Mexicans) at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant in Moscow. As we all know, beauty queens are not particularly … Continue reading

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What Else were you Going to Call a Sushi Truck in Mexico?

Remember Mexico’s awesomely named courier service? Well, my people (i.e. the Mexicans) have done it again, this time with the Sushingon “FoooTruck” Photo: Iván Sanchez

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Change or Perish: Mariachi Band in South Carolina Shows What ‘Latinos in America’ are Made of

Beat it, güeyes! Be sure to catch Yellow Submarine and The Wall, among other jewels.

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Mexican Viagra Wears Hat; es ‘Mucho Caliente’

You might not know this but Viagra, when sold in Mexico, wears a hat and is ‘mucho caliente.’ Photo taken by Tania Lara (@politex) in -where else?- Cabo San Lucas.

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Dear USA: You Can Have Texas Back [Not California -Yet]

As if our situation wasn’t already pathetic, Mexicans woke up thanking the U.S. for their unintended aid to our already-very-slim-chances to go to Brazil 2014. So, thank you, Tío Sam: Where should we be sending you our oil?

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I Have Found the Perfect Companion for ‘Barbie Mexicana’

It’s not a bird, it’s not an airplane, it’s not Mexican Kent… It’s Super Mano, and he is Super Awesome! Hat tip: Brooklyn Juggler   

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Mexican Ponchos Pay Homage to ‘Fútbol’ and Football

Only a true Mexican* understands the passion of some Mexicans for el futbol americano, known by gringos simply as football. The passion is such, you wear your team proudly, even if it comes in the form of a typical jorongo. *Yours … Continue reading

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Mexico Extends Appropriate Welcome to the Dalai Lama

Mexico today began distributing tickets for the Oct. 13, 14 and 15 visit of the Dalai Lama, who will be coming to this country for the 4th time. And what more appropriate welcome mat than a picture of His Holiness accompanied … Continue reading

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The Real ‘Casa’ Louis Vuitton Is in Mexicali, Not Paris

You can accuse my people of whatever you want, but you cannot deny Mexicans are a creative bunch. This uniquely designed house was spotted in Mexicali, Mexico, and as far as we know is the first -and only- place that … Continue reading

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Mexican Courier Service Picks Best Name Ever

In an era dominated by iPods, iPads, iPhones, iTunes and iMacs… how else were you going to call your Mexico City-based budding courier service, offering speedy deliveries nationwide?  This is Mexican ingenuity at its best. iCaramba! Photo and h/t: Enrique … Continue reading

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I Believe Greek Cats Have Mexican Blood in Them

I have been spending the last few days in Greece, and every time I see a cat -or a group of cats- they will be invariably taking a nap, which makes me suspect these felines might be of Mexican origin … Continue reading

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‘Three Die After Being Killed.’ Lessons in Print Journalism

Print is not dead. It will only be dead when somebody actually goes and shoot it to death. Got it? Hat tip: @tropicarlitos    

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