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Sir Richard Branson Will not be Making you Tacos [Thank God]

So much for the VTG (Virgin Taco Gate). Virgin, Virgin Mobile and Sir Richard Branson himself vehemently — and hilariously– have denied any involvement with the upcoming taco chain known as Virgin Tacos. Virgin Mobile Mexico’s press release was actually funny … Continue reading

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‘Whites, Still Calling the Shots; then it’s all yours, Mexicans!’

I totally missed this skit when it first aired on Saturday Night Live, but it’s funny as hell and deserves a spot on this venerable blog. Watch, enjoy and –please– don’t take yourselves so seriously.

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Beware the Salmon Cannon; it Could Inspire a MexiCannon

Behold the Salmon Cannon, a contraption that shoots salmon upstream, as this has become increasingly difficult because we humans just cannot leave fish and nature alone. In a nutshell, the Salmon Cannon uses pressure to suck up a fish, send it through a tube … Continue reading

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‘Let’s Have a Beer Brand Sponsor our Air Traffic Control Tower’

…Said some Mexican politician.

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Siri Sure Knows How to Please a Mexican [i.e. Me]

It took me a while, but after months of training in both, English and Spanish, Apple’s virtual assistant has finally understood that commands coming from Mexican people can be slightly more complex than then regular “check my mail” or “call my boss.” So, thank you, … Continue reading

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Taco Bell’s $10 Taco Does Not Come in a Tortilla -Of course

Taco Bell this week opened its first store of U.S. Taco Co., a spin-off that “seeks to satisfy Americans’ growing hunger for higher-quality food” than, say, everything else available out here. And of course because this is America, people, U.S. Taco Co’s menu includes … Continue reading

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Italians Cater to Hungover Mexicans

Mexicans craving for a non-alcoholic drink after a night of excesses in Italy need not look further from a “Cruda!” vending machine at their local Italian eatery.

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