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The Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie Mexico Edition

Hat tip: @hazme

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This is the Best Technology-Themed Corrido You’ll Ever Hear

The song is a modern tale of betrayal and sadness in the age of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. I feel so bad for the monolingual crowd (i.e. most gringos) who will miss on the awesome lyrics of this jewel, that … Continue reading

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Peña Nieto to Meet Obama, Harper Today. This Blogger Will Secure Proper ‘Subtituleishon’

Enrique Peña Nieto (aka as the Savior of Mexico) will meet today in Toluca with President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But despite all the good vibes and buena onda around this meeting, I’m genuinely worried about Mr. Peña … Continue reading

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Mexican Beatles Recreate ‘Abby Road’ for a Good Cause

For the uninitiated, Los Supercívicos is a group of concerned residents, who use comedy to watch the streets of Mexico City and, for the most part, scold apathetic cops and reckless drivers. In a recent clip, Los Supercívicos decided to … Continue reading

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Halle Berry Goes to Acapulco. Mexican Official Calls her ‘La Negrita’

What do you do when you’re a Mexican politician and forget the name of Halle Berry? Easy! Just call her “la negrita” and everybody will know what you’re talking about. Article first spotted in Reforma (NOT ElDeforma) by @tropicarlitos

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Forget about Mattel’s. This is the Real Barbie Mexicana

Mexican native Omar Ariel Cortés has created a Facebook page showcasing a world in which Mattel’s famous Barbie doll leaves her magical world to join a more sinister one: the world of drug dealing, breast cancer, single motherhood, prostitution and … Continue reading

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Not Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Lunch on Park Avenue

This might sound a bit cliché, but living in New York truly gives you the best of both worlds: Park Avenue class with authentic Mexican food and drinks. Photo: Laura Martínez

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