‘Emojis’ Will Soon be Browner, Blacker, Because Diversity

BlackemojisTired of the lack of diversity in the media and pretty much elsewhere? Worry no more! Very soon, your cute yellow -and white-faced emojis will be able to adopt up to six different skin tones, from unreal, weirdly yellowish yellow to an almost-pitch black.

This added diversity comes courtesy of the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, which today said it is working on an update that “addresses emoji diversity.” In a nutshell, this basically means we will soon be able to use some sort of tech tool to make our emojis more brown/black and hopefully less güeritos.

I applaud the Unicode Consortium for their diversity efforts, because even if Hispanics and/or African-Americans continue to be underrepresented in media, politics, entertainment and pretty much elsewhere, at least we’ll be more accurately represented in the very important world of chatting with our friends and family using emoticons.

I mean, embracing diversity has to start somewhere.


Via: CNET en Español


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Yep, Prince Charles Rode a ‘Trajinera’ Today in Xochimilco

That is all. We can now go back to our less exciting lives.

Photo via @AristeguiOnline

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Taylor Swift Wants you to Know Bodegas are Our Friends

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.31.32 PM

Taylor Swift, who recently bought a $20 million property in Manhattan, has tons of New York City vocabulary to teach you, including what a bodega is all about. (Hint: it’s a corner store, which is open pretty much all the time and -more importantly- is our friend.)

Click here or on the link below (if you dare) to learn a thing or two about this wonderful city in the words of our new “ambassador,” including how to pronounce Houston and why SoHo and NoHo are very different things.

Oh, and please don’t shoot the messenger (i.e. this blogger)

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See? Not All ‘Hispanic Food’ Was Created Equal

I haven’t got the first clue of what a ‘Yaroa Santiaguera’ is, which irrefutably proves there isn’t such thing as Latino — or Hispanic– Food.

Otherwise, all 50-plus millions of us the U.S. Census insists on piling together would know what this thing is all about.

[Oh, and the photo is not really helping, Papasito.]

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Americans Want to Trick you into Drinking ‘Nopal Water’

What on Earth is 'True Nopal?'

What on Earth is ‘True Nopal?’

The US$5.99 ‘Cactus water’ promises to be 100 percent natural and gluten free. But let me clue you in on a little secret: We don’t really drink “Nopal water,” and even if we did, we wouldn’t pack it inside Tetra Pak and then claim it’s all natural.

Remember: Nothing lives in Tetra Pak without some delicious NaC₇H₅O₂ (aka sodium benzoate.)

Just sayin’

Photo: Laura Martínez

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Google’s Latino-Specific Web Domain has Mexicans Talking

Google this month launched a new Web domain – .soy – that is “intended to create a place online for the Hispanic community,” because apparently, we have nothing to do with the whole .com community (or, as I like to call it, the regular Internet.)

But while the new domain has had its detractors and its share of criticism, I can assure you at least my Mexican friends are taking the whole thing very seriously.

To wit.


Gracias, @elementoL2

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What Else Were you Going to call a Mexican Restaurant?

Call me crazy, but I think calling your Mexican restaurant Illegal Pete’s might not be a super terrific idea. Still, founder Pete Turner seems unaffected by the “fury” of about 50 people demanding a name change.

I’m sure it must be difficult to embark on a name change, especially if your name is Pete and you already has several restaurants open and many more to come. But, how about Undocumented Pete’s?

Just an idea!

Via: CBS Denver

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