Mickey Mouse to Celebrate Birthday by Speaking Spanish, Fighting Danny Trejo as an Evil Piñata

papelpicadoWhat’s better than regular Mickey Mouse?

A mustachioed, Spanish-speaking Mickey Mouse, of course!

According to Indiewire, the Disney Channel will debut a new episode of its Mickey Mouse shorts called ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! in honor of Mickey’s birthday on Wednesday, November 18. Entirely in Spanish, the episode features Danny Trejo (yassss!) as “a Piñata Boss who, along with his piñata crew, is determined to ruin Mickey’s birthday party.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely watching this thing. I mean… how often do you get to see papel picado in a Disney production and Goofy wearing a mariachi hat singing Las mañanitas?


Hat tip: Bridget Carey

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Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live:’ Did I Cancel My VESNP for this?


Unlike many of my Latino peers, I decided to break my Very Exciting Saturday Night Plans (I had none, actually) to watch NBC’s Saturday Night Live, an appearance that enraged — and divided — Latinos, many of whom even took to the streets in protest and all.

Oh, the disappointment!

While I didn’t expect to laugh (SNL’s comedy has not been funny for quite some time now,) I was at least hoping to see some sensical comedy applied to the already-comedic-person that Donald Trump is. Alas, there was none of that. Instead, SNL “writers” threw in a few “jokes” about Mexico, with Enrique Peña Nieto bringing Trump a check to build a border wall (zzzzz) and something about ISIS former members now working for Trump Hotels.

Oh, and what’s with suggesting that the President of Mexico would have anything to do with Telemundo changing its programming to all English?

This thing was all over the place and not funny at all. I want my Saturday back.


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This Is What I Think about Deport Racism’s Cursing Kids Video Against Trump


Democratic Latino political group Deport Racism this week released a profanity-laced video (below) featuring a bunch of otherwise adorable kids denouncing Donald Trump by calling him things like racist fuck, racista de mierda and other not-so-adorable things. The campaign, says the group, is a “justified attack for a good cause.”

As a Mexican who grew up in a profanity-laced Mexican household (in Mexico,) I am not at all shocked by the obscenities; what I find truly shocking — and shameful —  is the stupidity of the people behind this thing. I mean, really? Is this all you could come up with? **

**For the record, I do think Donald Trump is a clueless fuck.

Watch. Cringe. Do not repeat.

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Why Does NASA Have to Copy Everything from the Mexicans?


As if I didn’t know where the space agency’s shuttle crews get their inspiration for such colorful suits…

From here:

Photo composition: Laura Martinez (All rights reserved) LOL

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Dear MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe:’ It’s Colombia, Not Columbia


So… Upon hearing about the exclusive coverage of El Trumpo’s first radio ads, I promptly went to MSNBC’s Morning Joe to see what the whole fuss was all about.

Alas, I was not even able to hear what I’m sure was a bunch of senseless rants by El Trumpo, because a more urgent thing caught this blogger’s attention: Despite my years-long, relentless campaign, MSNBC insists in calling Colombia Columbia.

Pay attention, Morning Joe, if you don’t want me to start calling you Morning Juan.


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‘Tamales en Bolsita:’ Because Nothing is Sacred Anymore


Photo: RichoGoma

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Google Translate Welcomes you to the ‘Clitoris Festival’

Certainly NOT clitoris

Certainly NOT clitoris

Well, this was awkward.

Officials in the small Galician town of As Pontes wanted to invite Spanish-speakers to a festival celebrating one of its culinary traditions, the grelo or rapini (aka as broccoli rabe.)

But, since apparently nobody in the 11,000-town spoke any Spanish, festival organizers turned to Google Translate.

The result?

The town’s “Feria do grelo” or rapini festival – held every year with tastings and awards for the best grelos – became “Feria clítoris” in Spanish.

“The translated announcement read: The clitoris is one of the typical products of Galician cuisine. Since 1981 … the festival has made the clitoris one of the star products of its local gastronomy.”



Excuse me?

Wow. Who thought Galicia could be so much fun?

Via: The Guardian

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