5-Year-Old Designs ‘Hispanic Heritage’ Logo for NBC News


Plus… I’m too depressed busy to say anything coherent about the official start of #HispanderingHeritageMonth.

I’m just going to focus on trying to survive today.

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Celebrate Mexican Independence Like the Locals

¡Viva México, chingao!

I hope by now you are aware that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day. Sixteen of September is, and the bash actually kicks off on the night of the 15, so by the time the 16 actually arrives, everybody is just too drunk to remember anything. But while I’m still indulging in all-things Mexico these days, I decided to put together a quick list of the Five Things you Must Do to Celebrate El Grito in this increasingly globalized country.

1. Buy a Made-in-China Mexican flag

2. Go to your nearest Walmart and stuck up on the cheapest non-Agave Tequila. (The real one is too expensive for the average Mexican, and its production is already exclusive for export.)

3. Tell your wife you want your pozole spicy, even if she cannot afford to buy meat anymore.

4. Tune in the Canal de las Estrellas to witness our pathetic president yell ¡Viva México! repeatedly

5. Yell ¡Viva México! -repeatedly- right after the president. Hopefully by this time you’ll be too wasted on the fake-Tequila methanol to feel any shame.

Repeat as many times necessary until you feel a true patriotic fervor. ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México! ¡Viva México!

6. If anything else fails, go have a Texican Whopper

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‘East Side Sushi’ Proves Mexicans Can Roll Other than Joints and Tacos


I don’t know nothing about the people behind the award-winning East Side Sushi. But I’m sure this movie will be a real eye-opener for most, especially Americans and other non-Mexicans who might think my people (i.e. The Mexicans) are only good at rolling two things: joints and tacos.

Check out the trailer for East Side Sushi, about a Mexican woman who really really wants to become a sushi chef. So much so that she even practices by rolling some sticky rice inside a chile poblano.

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9/13 Columbia Alert via ‘The Daily News’, NBC News, ‘OK’

I refuse to think this is a lost battle… It’s 2015, people, what is wrong with you?

There’s this….




And, of course, this…


Yo, people. It’s 2015. What’s wrong with y’all?


Hat tip: @Bathtubmedia

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Does Donald Trump Like ‘Frijoles?’ We Might Soon Find Out


We now know many more things about Donald Trump (aka El Trumpo) than we ever needed to know. But one thing is still not clear. Does the billionaire like frijoles?

We might soon find out.

Dallas-based Pizza Patrón will be asking this question to Mr. Trump during his Dallas visit scheduled for Monday, Sept. 14, in which he will also be invited to pick up a Pizza Frijolera at a nearby restaurant.

Should Mr. Trump decide to comply, he’ll be in for a real treat:

According to Pizza Patrón officials, local residents are being asked to write a special message on the box that will contain El Trumpo’s warm and delicious bean-based pizza (Frijolera.)

And because this blogger can’t wait to see such a display of love & warmth, she is hereby joining the cause and asking El Trumpo to please comply and pay a visit to Pizza Patrón. Heck! They even accept pesos!

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Shakira, Wisin, Wyclef Jean: ‘We are all Mexican and we’re Here to Save you from El Trumpo’


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted.

In yet another sign of the circus that the political/entertainment “Hispanic” environment has become, a group of “prominent” Latino musicians (i.e. Emilio Estefan et al) will be getting together to record We’re all Mexican, which according to Billboard magazine:

…. is a celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments.

I think this basically means the celebration of the accomplishments of Estefan et al but we’ll see.

The track, set to be released later in September, will also include reggaeton singer Wisin, Wyclef Jean and even Spanish-American chef.

Will somebody please shoot me now?

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Nonsensical Trend of Putting an ‘Ñ’ where it Doesn’t Belong Extends to Marketing World


Transformative, Visionary & ‘Pioñeering’

Remember the “Latiñas” in Media New York Conference?

How about Spaiñ?

Well, it looks like the foolish trend of putting accents and eñes where they don’t belong is making its way to the media world.

According to NBC News, a group of “prominent Latinos” (is there any other kind?) has come together to found Ingeñuity a “content and experiential event firm that aims to connect clients with diverse audiences, with a focus on the Latino community.”

I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think they meant to say it’s a conteñt and experieñtial eveñt firm to coññect Latiño clieñts.

Ay, carambiña!

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