Macy’s Spring Collection: You, Too, Can Look like a Short, Dark-Skinned Mariachi

Macys It’s always good to see marketers learn from their past mistakes. Remember the Brown is the New White t-shirt from Macy’s?

Well, no more of that. Instead of launching ethnically-relevant products to please Latino shoppers, Macy’s seems to have changed course and it’s now using tall, unmistakably non-Hispanic blonds to pitch a … are you ready?… “mariachi-style” suit. According to Macy’s own blog, the new collection doesn’t stop there. It promises tons of other Mexican-themed things, including –what else?– plenty of sombreros.

Do I smell sombreros?

Did anybody say ‘sombreros?’

I don’t know you, but I feel like living la vida loca lived by these nice ladies up here, so don’t judge me if the first thing I do when I go back to New York is rush to 34th Street & Broadway. Who doesn’t want to look that fabulous?


Hat tip: gbujanda 

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García Márquez Celebrated in Graffiti Form in Catalunya


Surprise! Alex Martínez has taken over the streets of Sabadell, Spain to celebrate the great Gabo on the very wall of my friend’s house.

Bravo, Alex Martínez!

Photo: Laura Martínez, March 6, 2015, Sabadell

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Silly Trend of Putting an ‘Ñ’ where it Doesn’t Belong Makes its Way to ‘Spaiñ’


Remember the “Latiñas” in Media New York Conference? Well, it looks like the foolish trend of putting accents and eñes where they don’t belong is all the rage now in Spain… or should I say Spaiñ?

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Stay Tuned for this Blog’s Coverage of MWC15 in Barcelona

Barcelona, here I come!

Barcelona, here I come!

Barcelona might not be the place to go for a taco lover like myself, but I will do my best to bring you this — and other equally delicious — gadgets and technology trends during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Follow me on Twitter for your daily fix of Jamón – and tapas- inspired tech or, for a “slightly” more professional (albeit less funny coverage) follow me and my colleagues at [en español.]

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‘Bean Bang Theory’ Concludes: It’s Colombia not Columbia

At least it acknowledges it's Colombia, not Columbia

At least it acknowledges it’s Colombia, not Columbia

I have no idea how much money the Colombian government has put into its latest coffee campaign, but their creatives could use a little help. Besides the name of the campaign, which is supposed to be a pun (Bean Bag –Not Big Ban–  Theory, get it?) there’s nothing much more here, except a long video, featuring a gringo showing us around Colombia.

The only positive thing I can say about the Bean Bang Theory is that it makes it clear what I’ve been saying all these years: It’s Colombia, Not Columbia.

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Michelle Obama Does ‘Sábado Gigante;’ Alas, not for ‘Miss Colita’ Pageant


You might dismiss Don Francisco as your abuela television icon, but his star power seems to be at its highest (and his energy certainly surpasses that of the “other aged Cuban“). Proof of this is tomorrow’s show, which will feature none other than Michelle Obama herself.

Alas, the U.S. First Lady will be discussing post-secondary education and the financial support available to students who complete the FAFSA, among other ‘unexciting’ things.

Per a Univision press release:

Appearing as part of her Reach Higher initiative, the First Lady will share her own story of pursuing and financing her higher education, and will join Secretary Duncan in encouraging Hispanic students to apply for the financial aid available to them.

Is it too much to ask Don Francisco to have FLOTUS engage in some of Sábado Gigante’s more fun stuff like the Miss Colita Pageant or at least the Mamacita one?

Univision, please? I promise to watch and keep my sarcastic comments to myself –or not.

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This is the Only ’50 Shades of Grey’ Thing Worth Watching

50 Shades of Grey becomes 'Vieja lujuriosa' thanks to the always awesome Tres Tristes Tigres

’50 Shades of Grey’ becomes ‘Vieja lujuriosa’ thanks to the always awesome Tres Tristes Tigres. ¡Ajúa!

Thank God for Mexico’s Los Tres Tristes Tigres, who will always make the unbearable not only bearable but just awesome!

I’m sorry for the English-only crowd, the lyrics of this 50 Shades of Grey (aka Vieja Lujuriosa) are simply delicious.


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