Mexican Rats Smoke Cigarettes, and are Dying From it

The infamous dead rat is back on Mexico's cigarettes packaging.

The infamous dead rat is back on Mexico’s cigarettes packaging.

Let Other countries use graphic images of low-weight babies, cancerous lungs or people exhaling smoke through a tracheotomy opening to show the perils of smokers. The Mexican government has decided to go a slightly different way.

In a move announced earlier this year, Mexico’s health authorities decided to bring back the image of a dead rat covering the top half of cigarette packages. The reason? It is the one image that –according to a survey among Mexican smokers– will be more likely to help them quit.

Yeah, right.

Mexico’s health authorities do not see this, but I know smokers are just screwing with their heads.


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Come to Mexico: We’ll Put you in a Nice Hotel, and have Indians Dance Around you

How nice! I can just lie down here, have a fruit salad and have Indians dance right in front of me

The latest campaign promoting Oaxaca’s famed Guelaguetza Dance Festival trumps over any other cringeworthy images depicting my country’s relationship with its Indians.

Watch as a light-skinned Mexican young lady strolls around Oaxaca (smartphone in tow) snapping pictures of affable, festive Indians dancing around her, even while she enjoys a refreshing beverage in the patio of her hotel.

"I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!"

“I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!”

I seriously thought at first this was a joke. Alas, it is not and the campaign is on the air an in full swing, as the Guelaguetza kicks off July 21.

via: Despertar de Oaxaca

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‘El Diario’ Launches New Design, Adds Hashtags, Because Why Not?

The new 'El Diario.' Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures

The new ‘El Diario.’ Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures

Apparently the big news in the world of Spanish-language media today is the redesign of New York City’s venerable daily El Diario La Prensa.

The announcement comes on the heels of major executive and editorial changes at the impreMedia-owned newspaper; changes that have been the subject of harsh criticism, including this commentary by Ángelo Falcón, who claims the 101-year-old brand is undergoing a “Reconquista” of sorts.

Regardless, El Diario‘s new design -according to its owners-  “greatly enhances reader experience for its iconic brand,” and represents “a renewed commitment to better address the needs of the Latino community.”

All that sounds peachy, but judging from the video below, the new Diario will bring our community bigger pictures and tons of hashtags, because, Twitter, you know?

Note: I have not yet bought my print copy. I will do so later today and will keep you guys posted.

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I Want to be Friends with Whoever Translated this Thing


After almost eight years of blogging about the wonderful world of Spanish-language media, marketing and pop culture, I’ve come across all kinds of weird, poor, lazy, bad and terrible translations from English to Spanish and viceversa.

Some are plain silly, others are just hilarious. But this one above (whose origin is still shady) takes the cake -or should I say ‘se lleva el pastel?’

NOTE: In all honesty, I think the above might just be a case of very witty Photoshop. But… oh, how I wish it were true!

Hat tip: @tropicarlitos

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Where Broadway Becomes Broadgüey


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Shakira and Activia Partner to Promote Lego and a Brand of Mexican Milk


Call me crazy, but I believe Shakira’s latest World Cup video does little to beat the drum for sponsor Activia, a Dannon Company.

Instead, La La La (Brazil 2014) sounds like the perfect song to sell products from this Mexican food giant….


or even these other guys….


Watch Shak’s latest video (below) and tell me: Am I crazy?


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Brooklyn ‘Mexican’ Cantina Serves Mix of Stereotypes & Typos

Mad Dog & Beans, Brooklyn, NY

Mad Dog & Beans, Brooklyn, NY

Mad Dog & Beans, a new eatery in Brooklyn, has found inspiration in the Mexican Revolution to peddle upscale Mexican food to a local crowd. The eatery, first spotted by a non-Mexican colleague of mine, features on its door the image of a bandito holding a guitar, because even Mexican outlaws are a musical, cheerful bunch.

According to the restaurant’s website:

Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina is a casual-upscale Mexican restaurant featuring a traditional Mexican menu. The theme is based on the Mexican Revolution. The decor features vintage black-and-white photos of banditos and scenes of Mexico printed on canvas and displayed throughout the restaurant. 

The menu, while not especially original, does feature some interesting spelling, including “molcajeta” and “pica de gallo.”

Now, that’s revolutionary!


Photo and sombrero tip: J. Falcone

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