Miss Universe was Hugely Popular on TV, and I Know Why

A few seconds before Paulina Vega is crowned Miss Universe by the outgoing Gabriel Isler as seeing on stage (LEFT) and on TV.

A few seconds before Paulina Vega is crowned Miss Universe by the outgoing Miss Universe Gabriel Isler as seeing live on stage (Left, boring) and on TV (right, hot) with the proper backlight.

Miss Universe, that annual parade of young, pretty -and pretty shallow- women, which for some reason continues to be very popular, took place last night in Florida, making some ratings history for NBC and it’s Spanish-language network Telemundo, which aired the pageant in English and Spanish, respectively.

While NBC reported the 63rd Annual Miss Universe averaged 7.6 million viewers over three hours, Telemundo said 4.7 million people tuned in to watch the broadcast in Spanish.

Both figures are indeed impressive, but easy to understand when you consider how much sexier the whole thing is on television than watching it live from a local university in Florida –which by the way might be the closest any of these señoritas will ever get to a higher education institution.

H/t: @aqwack

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This Photo Proves Hispanics are Cleaner than Non-Hispanics

(Either that, or the majority of patrons at this Hispanic bodega are not able to understand English)

Via: Reddit

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Eva Longoria to Star in NBC Show about a Latina who doesn’t Speak Spanish — of Course


Eva Longoria (aka as La Prieta Faya and this blogger’s favorite retroacculturated Latina) has been tapped as the star of Telenovela, a 13-episode NBC comedy slated for the 2015-2016 TV season.

The decision to pick Longoria wouldn’t be more appropriate: The show tells the story of a telenovela actress who doesn’t speak Spanish, and we all know that while Ms. Longoria is not a telenovela star, she is indeed extremely challenged when it comes to the language of Cervantes.

I can’t wait to not watch for the show to start. However, it’s a pity NBC didn’t cast Mr. Erick Estrada as her co-star in this thing. After all he’s the only actual telenovela actor I know who ever got away with making a telenovela despite his very poor command of Spanish.

See? This is what NBC viewers will be missing.

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SkyMall Files for Bankruptcty; I Fear for Fernando the Chihuaha

Adiós, Fernando

Adiós, Fernando

Well, it was too good to be true.

SkyMall, the awesome quarterly in-flight magazine where you can find everything, from a life-size zombie statue and Retro Ice treat makers to potty-training devices for dogs on Friday declared bankruptcy, apparently blaming availability of Wi-Fi in airplanes (yeah, right.)

The publication, which strangely wisely launched a Spanish-language spinoff in 2009 may be resurrected — only maybe — thanks to an Indiegogo campaign, but in the meantime, what are we going to do without the availability of the US$25 Fernando the Chihuahua?

Can somebody please help me?

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Job Opportunity in Mexico! –Millennials, Please Abstain


Per the above sign, a Mexican small business owner is seeking an “experienced” female employee for a nondescript position. Applicants must be adults and not addicted to social media, including Whatsap [SIC] and [Facebok.]

How can anyone not love Mexico?

Via: @hazme


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Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim Undocumented Terrorist

Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim undocumented terrorist

Meet the Sarape-clad Latino-Muslim undocumented terrorist

Awwww, my people can be so creative! (and by that I mean both, Latinos and editors.)

Take the National Institute for Latino Policy (NALIP), which recently posted the findings of a five-year-old study about the misrepresentation of Latinos and Muslims in national broadcast and cable news.

Among other things, the study found that both, Latinos and Muslims are overrepresented as the ‘bad guys’ across national TV, with Latinos being — almost invariably — undocumented criminals and Muslims, well, hopeless terrorists.

But hold on. I’m all up for my people (and everybody else’s people) not to be singled out as the bad guys on television. But I do think using a Sarape-Inspired Male Niqab to illustrate this story is a bit of a stretch.

I mean… I just went LOL.

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This ‘Taco Toaster’ Will Ruin your Tortillas for Only US$30

This thing costs US$30

Now you can ruin a perfectly good soft tortilla into a hard-shell ‘taco’ 

The Americans have done it, my friends.

Some genius on this side of the border has come up with the “Toasted Taco Fiesta” a US$30 contraption that will turn a perfectly good, regular, soft tortilla into one of those things this country insists on calling tacos.

The end is near. We’re doomed.

Via: Fancy.com

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