Gringos Might Have Cupcakes, but Mexicans Have ‘Cupcaky’


Awwww, Mexico!

Not content with inventing the Coc Nuts Coold the Apelbii’s and the Crossfit Taquería among many other binational wonders, Mexico is now introducing a new concept in sugary treats: The cupcaky, which I can only guess is a close relative to its gringo counterpart, the cupcake…

Oh, and I’m sure this thing is damn good, since it costs five times more than a conchita and three times more than a dona.

How can anybody not love Mexicans?

Photo via: Ricardo Trejo

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Rihanna Quinceañera Won GRAMMY’s Night


I am not a fan of awards shows; there are many and I can’t bother. But I must say Sunday night made for some great “Latino chuckle,” as Rihanna decided to dress up in Quinceañera fashion.

Here are some of my favorite memes (via The Flama and Latina, among others):

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And this, of course!

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Radio Shack Goes Bankrupt. What’s Going to Happen to the Translation Tortilla Helmet Thing?


This just in. Radio Shack, which I seriously thought it had disappeared like ages ago, on Thursday said it will file for bankruptcy protection.

I’m sure it’s all for the best, but I was really looking forward to that translation-tortilla-helmet thing.

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At Last, a Workout Program I Can Really Commit to

My kind of workout

My kind of workout

Photo: Manuel Alvarado (Twitter)

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Dear NAHJ: I Love the ‘Ñ’ But… Was this Really Necessary?


The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) will be soon hosting its Latinas in Media Conference in New York City, which I’m sure it will be interesting and all.

As a former member of your great organization, I hope you don’t mind my asking: Was that senseless “ñ” really necessary?



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Applebee’s in Mexico? Nah, We Already Have Apelbii’s!


See? How can anyone not like Mexicans?

Photo via Hazme el chingado favor


Did Katy Perry Just Steal the Idea from ‘Tiburón Molacho?’



Do you think that Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show was awesome? Original?

Think twice.

Here’s Marina and Tiempo Mágico performing Tiburón Molacho God knows when, but DEFINITELY before Feb. 1, 2015.

Hat tip: Enrique Limón

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