Taco Bell is Testing a Hybrid Between a Quesadilla and a Burrito


Seriously, people, this blog cannot get enough “Mexican food” nonsense.

Just when I thought the height of ridiculousness had been reached with the Frito-stuffed Chicken Enchilada Melt and/or the Dori Taco, comes the Quesarito, a Quesadilla/Burrito hybrid.

According to Los Angeles Times –and for reasons I yet have to comprehend– the Quesarito is being tested only in Oklahoma City, presumably because Oklahomans were all cool about it and couldn’t tell the difference between one bad wrap and the other.

Also according to the L.A. Times, the Quesarito might not see the light of day outside Oklahoma. Thank God.

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The Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie Mexico Edition

The Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Selfie Mexico Edition

Hat tip: @hazme

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I Hope This Company Never Markets to U.S. Hispanics

…Unless it decides to change its name, of course.


Hat tip: John Trainor (Chicago)

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This Sergio Romo Chocolate Ice Cream Only Tastes Illegal


Three Twins Ice Cream, a company I never heard of but I think it’s on an awesome path to success, has partnered with Sergio Romo, a closer for the San Francisco Giants, to launch Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream, which will be marketed -naturally- under the only possible tagline: It Only Tastes Illegal.

While I applaud the efforts of Three Twins Ice Cream to launch a Mexican/illegal-themed thing, I would be more inclined to try a Sergio Romo’s Peyote Popsicle or even a Sergio Romo’s Mota Cone. But… chocolate and cinnamon?


Hat tip: Mi Blog es tu Blog SF correspondent: Kent German 

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McDonald’s Wants you to Believe this is Pan con Tomate

Upon successfully screwing up Mexican and Colombian food, McDonald’s goes to Europe to ruin Catalan cuisine.


Photo: Laura Martínez, Barcelona (2014)

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This is the Best Technology-Themed Corrido You’ll Ever Hear

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 2.46.07 PM

The song is a modern tale of betrayal and sadness in the age of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. I feel so bad for the monolingual crowd (i.e. most gringos) who will miss on the awesome lyrics of this jewel, that I’m hereby translating some of its best parts:

I wrote you a WhatsApp but you didn’t reply

And on Facebook you have another relationship

Since I didn’t want to send you an Inbox

Better to just upload this song to YouTube

I closed my account to live happily with you

And I got rid of the girls you hated

Because of you, I lost all my friendsand nobody liked my ‘status’ any more [...]

Sometimes I cry very close to my keys (keyboard)


I would love for you to follow me on Twitter

Even if I don’t really understand how that thing works

I have an unlimited, new iPhone,

I have a brand new account, different from all the others

I have a profile pic posing off with a new ‘vieja’

and now you won’t be able to stalk me ever again

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Peña Nieto to Meet Obama, Harper Today. This Blogger Will Secure Proper ‘Subtituleishon’

Enrique Peña Nieto (aka as the Savior of Mexico) will meet today in Toluca with President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But despite all the good vibes and buena onda around this meeting, I’m genuinely worried about Mr. Peña Nieto’s poor command of the English language. So, even though I didn’t vote for the chap, nor I think he is saving Mexico, I’d like to take this opportunity to offer him my services as a professional simultaneous translator; or if he so prefers, to facilitate proper subtituleishon for his speech  -which I’m sure will be historic.

Said subtituleishon will look a little bit like this:

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