Miss Colombia Loses Miss Universe Crown, Hilarity Ensues


Sunday night Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe at the Miss Universe pageant for, like two seconds…. Turns out the crown was actually for Miss Philippines but host Steve Harvey read the cue card wrong, and then everything went to hell for la colombiana — and for Harvey himself.

Here are some of the first memes of the night (they keep coming so make sure to come back) and scroll down for a video of what went down Sunday night.

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This Christmas Commercial for Funeraria López is the Best Thing Ever

This commercial is the best thing ever. I repeat. The. Best. Thing. Ever.

Merry Christmas

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Behold the Gringo Burger: The Best Burger in Mexico


From the “Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?” series

Laura Martínez. Isla Mujeres, 2015

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Nothing Like a ‘Chapo’ Coffee to Start your Day in Mexico


Awwww, Mexicans: How can anybody not like us?

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‘Inglish’ Only? Why not ‘Espanish’?

Hialeah High School is offering free ‘Inglish’ lessons, which is, like, great. But why not other languages? How about Frinch? Jerman? Espanish?


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Is your English-Learning Method not Working as Planned?


Worry no more. Thanks to Almighty Amazon.com, you can now get a head start on your English learning by getting help from where it really matters (i.e. from the Big Guy Himself.)

Plus, it’s only about $9 for the Kindle or paperback edition, so how can you go wrong?

Who wouldn’t want a little help from above?

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U.S. Salsa Makers Join Nonsensical Trend of Putting an ‘Ñ’ where it Doesn’t Belong


Remember that nonsensical trend of putting “eñes” where they don’t belong just to make something look — and sound — more authentically Latino?

Well, it looks like American media giants and Hispanic journalists organizations are not alone in this thing. As it turns out, the makers of Trinidad salsa* have decided it’s OK to put an “eñe” on habanero.

I mean, COME ON! It’s not that difficult. How about putting an “eñe” where it DOES belong? Like in “jalapeño?” for example?


  • Don’t get me started


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