Here’s a Mariachi Singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

mariachiI’m posting this now just to see how long it takes for Donald Trump to come out and say something stupid…


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French Café Google Translates Menu. Hilarity Ensues

MenusFranciaThe owners of the Café Cordial in Paris’ Opera District are very nice people. Not only do they make sure to mumble some English words for the crowds of American visitors who show up there everyday without speaking a word of French; but they even go out of their way to translate their menu not in one but in two languages.

While some of the English translations in their menu is OK (I just said “OK,”) it is clear that they got lost in the [Google] Spanish translation.

Here are some hilarious examples.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Apologies to the monolingual crowd; this is funny only if you understand both English and Spanish.

1. Croissant = The thing that grows

There’s the translation for croissant as “1 que crece” (literally: one thing that grows) and toast as “brindis,” as in the toast to happiness….


2. Smoked Salmon = The salmon who had too much to smoke


3. The Horny Goat that is served over a salutation


There are several more yet to be highlighted… Be my guest and find them yourselves, will you? I’m too busy dealing with the country’s Happy Hours.

Photos: Laura Martínez, Paris 2015

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Happy Hours: Because the French are Better at Everything


As if I needed another reason to love France: Restaurants and cafés here offer Happy Hours, because, really, who needs only one?

Vive La France!

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris 2015

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Looks Like the French Want in the Whole ‘Latin’ Wave

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris 2015

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‘Le Burrito’ at this French Joint Will Give you ‘Le Diarrhée’


Fresh Burritos, a “fine” establishment in the heart of Lille, France, promises (in French) to serve you 100% Fresh Burritos (in English) and will prepare everything in front of your eyes! (yes, with an exclamation point!)

I was tempted for a minute, but then I realized Le menu looks suspiciously similar to any bad Mexican faire á l’américaine: I’m afraid the 4.90 euro combo of La boisson, les patatas, le cookie and le mini burrito will properly give me Le diarrhée.

… And don’t get me started on the non-descript orange sauce-like thing in the background.

So… merci, but non merci!

LeMenu1Photo: Laura Martínez, Lille, France 2015


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El Corrido de Donald Trump by Los Tres Tristes Tigres


Hilarious Mexican trio Los Tres Tristes Tigres have done it again.

Here’s their Donald Trump corrido –in Spanish and sans musical arrangements, because, really, he doesn’t deserve it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m still on vacation so I won’t bother translating this thing right now, though I might do so as soon as I’m off this Greek island….or not.

Via: YouTube

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There’s a Mexican on the Cover of ‘Le Monde’ Magazine!


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