Gov. Rick Scott -and Wife- Wish us a Happy Hispandering Month

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Watch Governor Rick Scott and wife wishing us a happy Hispanic Heritage Month, which according to this, means “living the American Dream in the Sunshine State.”

Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather state in the Empire State and drown my sorrows in mezcal, hoping this way to forget this monthlong torture celebration.


hat tip: @LatinoRebels

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This Restroom Accommodates Both, Regular Women and Ethnic-Looking Mexican Women

Isla Mujeres, 2014

Isla Mujeres, 2014

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How Can Anyone Not Like Mexicans? We Do ‘Coc Nuts Coold’


Photo: Laura Martínez, Isla Mujeres 2014

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‘Let’s Have a Beer Brand Sponsor our Air Traffic Control Tower’

…Said some Mexican politician.

Cancún International Airport

Cancún International Airport

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Taco Bell’s Biscuit Taco Proves There’s no Hope in Humanity


And just when I thought the height of ridiculousness had been reached with the Quesarito and the Frito-stuffed Chicken Enchilada Melt, comes the Biscuit Taco, a breakfast concept being tested in -where else?- California.

A company briefing describes the Biscuit Taco as a “warm, flaky, golden brown biscuit that happens to be shaped in the form of a taco,” and will very likely clog your arteries. (That last bit is mine, of course, but I think the company might want to reconsider its briefing or at least add some kind of health disclaimer.)

But the Biscuit Taco is not alone in its ridiculousness, and is only the latest addition to the I Don’t Wanna Taco ‘Bout it Wall of Shame, which you are free to click -of course- at your own risk.

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Sam Walton Did Business with my Relatives in Latin America


Hat tip: @NorbertoBogard

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Coffee Mate’s ‘Latin-Inspired Products’ Include Hot, Steamy ‘Abuelita’ -Of Course


Not to be outdone by the likes of Mattel and Oscar Mayer with their Latin-inspired dolls and Hispanic-targeted cold cuts, Nestlé’s Cofee Mate is launching a series of “Latin-inspired products” and promoting them on Twitter with a super inventive Latin handle: #LatinTouch.

Here’s one of Coffee Mate’s pitches on Twitter.

Coffee Mate’s Latin Touch thing includes Nestlé’s popular Mexican Chocolate Abuelita, featuring the great Sara García, who is having, posthumously, a second life as a “hot, steamy” Latina.

Because, aren’t we all?

Hat tip: @latinorebels

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