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El dia del “pankeik”

Do you know what day is today? It is “El Día Nacional del Pancake,” or National Pancake Day, an annual celebration which dates back to the 15th century, but has become a valuable marketing vehicle for …  pancake restaurants, of course. In a … Continue reading

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Chicken wings

All of us tired of seeing everything Made in China lately, should get some consolation in the fact that, soon, the Chinese will start complaining about Latin Americans getting in the way of their culinary tradition. Barely two weeks after … Continue reading

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Santo! Santo!

Move over Speedy Gonzalez. The Cartoon Network is hoping to boost audiences by bringing to life a favorite Mexican icon: wrestling legend El Santo (aka El Enmascarado de Plata or the Man in the Silver Mask) Produced by Cartoon Network … Continue reading

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Legally tacky

Greenberg & Stein, a New York City-based firm specializing in injury law, greets visitors to its Web site with a very serious and professional look: a sober blue and white home page features the Manhattan skyline in the background and the … Continue reading

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Dios sin barreras

If Geico picked cavemen to pitch car insurance and Budweiser opted for manly men to sell more beer, why can’t Lexicon just bring out God? In its latest marketing effort, Inglés sin Barrreras has a new ad out pitching its … Continue reading


Not that kind of salsa

What do you get when you order chips & salsa in a Spanish restaurant? A full order of disappointment. This frigid afternoon, while killing some time before a movie, I sat down for a drink at El Quijote, the famous … Continue reading

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Playing with dolls

What is it with grown-ups and dolls? It turns out now that the “teenagers” featured in Rebelde and RBD, the telenovela and music ensamble brought to you by Televisa, will now be immortalized by Mattel in the form of three … Continue reading

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