Mexican reading beauty


Ok, my fellow Mexicans might not be 100% happy with the terms of the recently approved immigration bill (or with their overall labor situation in this country for that matter) but they should find some consolation in the fact that paisana Alejandra Espinoza tonight became Univision’s first Nuestra Belleza Latina … whatever that means.

After winning the overwhelming majority of votes from the public, and after a harrowing few weeks, Espinoza last night was crowned during a highly rated show brought to you by Garnier, Ford, Maybelline and Cingular, among other high-profile advertisers.

The last episode, which featured the usual tears and hugs, reminded viewers of the perks earned by the lucky winner: a one-year contract with Univision as an on-air personality as well as $200,000 in cash and prizes. These include a Ford Edge 2007 and $50,000 in cash from AT&T Cingular.

A Tijuana native, Espinoza lives in San Ysidro, California and has mentioned Salma Hayek as one of her role models. We can only wait and see how she will evolve in this tough media environment. I am, for one, giving her the benefit of the doubt, although in a recent interview, when asked what her favorite book was, the beautiful 20-year-old candidly replied: “Any book, really … as long as it has a positive message.”

Oh dear!

2 thoughts on “Mexican reading beauty

  1. Claro, esto es “Pan y Circo”. Los mexicanos deberan ahora estar felices por tener una mexicana en MIAMI mientras los cubanos –y gringos– a cargo de Univision siguen aleccionando a los Latinos sobre que decir y pensar. Gran movida!

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