Obama to ‘Premio’ Viewers: ¡Sí, se puede!

My favorite moment of Univision’s Premio lo Nuestro was, of course, the Presidential message (even though he didn’t appear in a mariachi garb as I had hoped) Here it is:

Buenas noches. I want to thank the millions of you who voted for tonight’s winners, and I also want to thank all of you who voted in that other election back in November – even if it wasn’t for me. With the challenges we face right now, it is absolutely critical that you stay involved and make your voices heard. I want you to know that I will always be listening, and my Administration is working hard so that we can expand opportunity for all Americans and reach that better day,” he continued. “Now I know you tuned in for Premio Lo Nuestro,so let me get right to it. I don’t know who’ll get married tonight or who’ll get Video of the Year, but I know you’re in for some great performances that celebrate the rich diversity of Latin music, and that’s good news. So enjoy the show, y para los nominados que se preguntan si ésta será su noche, les digo, ¡sí, se puede!”

Click on the photo to watch the video on Univision.com

One thought on “Obama to ‘Premio’ Viewers: ¡Sí, se puede!

  1. Because Obama knows that the most effective way to reach Latinos is through Premio Lo Nuestro. Uy.

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