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Calling Home is Too Expensive? ‘El Chapulín’ Can Help!

Marketing fads come and go; videogames and apps introduce funky characters that, at best, shine for a few weeks before vanishing in thin air. Not el Chapulín Colorado, which not only lives on, but continues to serve as pitch of … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Now Serving ‘Traditional’ Colombian Food

Don’t you just love it when huge corporations go out of their way to cater to our Latin palate? Well, after an unsuccessful attempt to cater to Mexican tastes by putting the Big Mac on a tortilla, McDonald’s is now launching Antojos … Continue reading

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‘Time’ Magazine Wants you to Believe There are Legal -and Illegal- ‘Americans’

I’m sorry, Time Magazine, but last time I checked, America was a continent, and as far as I can tell, I’m pretty legal. Osea, I’m legally brunette -and as American as Mexican tamales. I just feel like singing this song outloud … Continue reading

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Jorge Ramos to President Obama: ‘No Way, José’

Jorge Ramos would like you to know that he rejects the use of his impossibly cute face image to support the message of any politician, whether he or she is Republican or Democrat. The video below comes on the heels … Continue reading

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This ‘App’ is so Mexican, it Spells ‘Menu’ With an ‘ñ’

On the hunt for fake Mexican food? There’s an app for that! Some genius in the applications world has come up with the Mexican Food app, which according to its creators will teach you the ingredients of every burrito and … Continue reading

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Mariachi Doritos Bring a Little Mexican Joy to Otherwise-Gloomy Brits

Turns out Americans are not the only non-Mexicans who take pleasure in eating and drinking “spicy” stuff around Mariachis. The Brits, too, owe it to my people for bringing the party to the party (whatever that means.) PepsiCo’s Doritos brand … Continue reading

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