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Dear USA: You Can Have Texas Back [Not California -Yet]

As if our situation wasn’t already pathetic, Mexicans woke up thanking the U.S. for their unintended aid to our already-very-slim-chances to go to Brazil 2014. So, thank you, Tío Sam: Where should we be sending you our oil?

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Bilingual Headline Brilliantly Sums Up Mexico-Panama Weekend Match

Here’s how Panamanian sports newspaper Crítica summed up Raul Jimenez’ master goal against Panama for the 2-1 final score, which may -or may not- help us get to Brazil 2014. Vía: Hazme el Chingado Favor

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I Don’t Think this Is the Best Way to Promote Your Business’ Bilingual Capabilities

In #Harlem. Where else?

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Today in ‘Geographically-Challenged CNN News Anchors”

Photo: Yahoo News!

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Speaking of National Taco Day and Clueless Fox News Hosts

As I was saying…… today is National Taco Day, so it was a perfect opportunity for a clueless Fox News host to ask his Nicaraguan colleague -whom he actually thought was Colombian- to discuss tacos (because, after all, all Latinos … Continue reading

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Daft Punk Comes Out of Mexican Closet… At Last!

Please don’t pretend you don’t know Daft Punk’s Lucky is a song about Uruapan and Mexican Lucky stuff. This is clear from the French duo’s very Mexican lyrics. Like the legend of the Phoenix, All ends with beginnings. What keeps the … Continue reading

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