19 Marketing Ideas to Spice Up your ‘Cinco de Mayo’


Cinco de Mayo has got to be my favorite faux Mexican holiday in the U.S. And not because it’s an excuse to drink all day long and yell ¡Viva México! while thinking it’s our celebration of Independence, but because it brings out the stupidest best marketing gimmicks to sell everything, from spicy tattoos and sneakers for the three-legged, to senseless drink mixes and “ethnic food.”

I’ve put together only a few of my favorite marketing efforts around this mostly gringo holiday. Enjoy … and ¡Que viva México, cabrones!

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5 Responses to 19 Marketing Ideas to Spice Up your ‘Cinco de Mayo’

  1. Robert (Bob) Peterson says:

    Laura, I’ve been following your Blog for about 3 years now, just want you to know your doing a great job. I’ve passed your site onto others here in Vancouver Canada. Keep it up.

  2. DonAlbertoDoyle says:

    In the tri-color dip, I want to know exactly what the frijoles negros are doing. Is it a man buggering livestock? Is it a young pre-teen holding up her baby sibling to fellate the man? The image is as disturbing as the London Olympics logo with Lisa giving Bart a blowie. And very possibly inspiring a distorted image of the country. In La Sierra Gorda, for example, I have never witnessed zoophily, nor children holding up their younger siblings to blow people. Then again, maybe it’s a metaphor for Pena Nieto and his relationship with Exxon-Mobil. More research is indicated.

  3. Kelly says:

    that chip dip looked really tasty. can you share some good Cinco de Mayo recipes?

  4. I kind of like the dip idea. Really.

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