Tacos, ‘Turbantes,’ Trump: It’s all Coming Together and you Should be Freaking out!

ISIS in Mexico? ... Nah, just a heat exhausted taquero

Tacos & Turbantes? Do now show this to Trump, please

On the heels of informing the world that my people (i.e. the Mexicans) are nothing but a bunch of rapists and drug dealers, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump now wants to ban all Muslim travel to the U.S.

All of this makes for a potentially dangerous combination, particularly when it comes to heat exhausted taqueros in my country like the one seeing above who — in addition to everything — happen to make delicious tacos out of — what else? — a trompo!

OMG, OMG, it’s all coming together!

The end is near my friends, so everybody should just go out eat tacos; otherwise, the terrorists win.

Hat tip: Rafael Agustín, Twitter 

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