CVS y más: Like a Regular CVS but … Hispanic

Austin, TX correspondent, Sara Inés Calderón, spotted this on Stassney & S Congress Avenue, so this blogger had to go dig deeper into the meaning of “y más.”

And, oh, have I news for y’all! According to an inexplicably long press release:

CVS “truly understands that Hispanic customers are looking for a more personalized shopping experience where they can find their favorite brands at competitive prices, convenient services, and a higher level of customer service in an envirorment [SIC] where they feel at home.”

Heck, they have their own Website and all.

Besides typos, I couldn’t find a mention of tacos in this whole thing, so I’m NOT interested.


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1 Response to CVS y más: Like a Regular CVS but … Hispanic

  1. Leylha Ahuile says:

    They couldn’t take the time to translate the copy into Spanish? Talk about missing the mark!

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