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Americans Celebrate National Taco Day; I Suffer Immensely

There is nothing more depressing for this blogger than National Taco Day. So I’m just going to leave this here and brace myself for 2019. CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING SLIDESHOW TO FEEL MY PAIN

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U.S. Post Office Debuts Stamps Featuring Tamales, Sancocho and other Hispanic Delicacies

Yo, immigrant haters: I have real bad news for you. The U.S. Postal Service has confirmed the issuance of a new series of stamps dedicated “to the influence of Central and South American, Mexican and Caribbean foods and flavors on American cuisine,” … Continue reading

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‘East Side Sushi’ Proves Mexicans Can Roll Other than Joints and Tacos

I don’t know nothing about the people behind the award-winning East Side Sushi. But I’m sure this movie will be a real eye-opener for most, especially Americans and other non-Mexicans who might think my people (i.e. The Mexicans) are only good at rolling two … Continue reading

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Mexalert! Mexican Converse Spotted in New York City Subway

In yet another sign that New York City is quickly becoming a subsidiary of Mexico, a paisano was spotted recently in the city subway proudly wearing a pair of Converse All Star Mexican Flag Ajúa Edition. Want to be as … Continue reading

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García Márquez Celebrated in Graffiti Form in Catalunya

Surprise! Alex Martínez has taken over the streets of Sabadell, Spain to celebrate the great Gabo on the very wall of my friend’s house. Bravo, Alex Martínez! Photo: Laura Martínez, March 6, 2015, Sabadell

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Are you Ready for Some Latino-Inspired Online Shopping?

Awwww, the Internet is full of wonderful things, isn’t it? Take the growing crop of Latino-inspired products you can now buy online, promising you to hold onto our Hispanicness by acquiring accessories, clothing, nutrition supplements and –yes– hats, all inspired by Latinos or Hispanic people like -ahem, … Continue reading

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Introducing Made-in-Mexico ‘Hispanic’ Mini Bumper Stickers

As seen in a Berkeley bowling alley by yet another West Coast correspondent (@lturrentine) of this infamous prestigious blog.

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