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No, Twitter, I Don’t Think the ‘Enchilada Bake’ Is a Good Idea

Someone really wants me to shut down my Twitter account. For reasons I have yet to understand, my “tailor-made,” “just-for-me” sponsored posts on Twitter have become an endless stream of disgusting “Mexican” concoctions. The latest comes courtesy of SmartMade, a company that prides … Continue reading

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This Guy Wanted to Build a Wall in his Restaurant Because Hispanics Don’t Tip ūüėā

Poor Steve Wayte. The owner of a weirdly¬†named sushi restaurant in California is¬†under¬†fire after making a joke that some of my people (i.e. Fast & Furious¬†Hispanics) DID. NOT. FIND. FUNNY. The joke? Upon realizing that Hispanics tend to¬†not leave tips … Continue reading

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Bride Makes Wedding Gown out of Taco Bell Burrito Wrappers, Because some People Want me Dead

Some people want to watch the world burn — and/or see this blogger¬†jump from the highest building in Manhatitl√°n. Here’s the scoop: Bride-to-be Diane Nguyen posted the above photo on her Instagram feed showing a wedding gown made out of … Continue reading

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Sorry, Folks, the $40 Burrito Yoga Bag Is Sold Out, but…

Fear not:¬†I’m pretty sure the folks over at Brogamats are working on it. In the meantime, you can always use your¬†tortilla towel ¬†or — of course — a¬†Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket as an OK substitute to wrap¬†your existing yoga mat. … Continue reading

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Florida Woman Sues Mexican Restaurant After Falling off a Fake Donkey, Because Florida

What happens when Americans¬†go to a Mexican restaurant in… America? They climb on fake donkey; attempt¬†to take picture; fall off said donkey;¬†file lawsuit. According¬†to local media,¬†Kimberly Bonn was dining at the El Jalisco restaurant in Tallahassee when she attempted to … Continue reading

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I Can’t ‘Wrap’ my Head Around the Half Mexican Chicken

Let’s forget for one second¬†that most of the¬†ingredients on¬†this “thing” look¬†everything but Mexican… What I really need to know is: Is this London food market selling us¬†a chicken that is half Mexican? If so, what’s the other half? British? Or … Continue reading

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This Mexican Town Will Give you a Tax Break if you Lose Weight

You can accuse my people (i.e. The Mexicans) of being lazy and all, but there is one thing we truly excel at: Fiscal Policy Innovation. Take the town of San Nicol√°s de los Garza, in Northern Mexico, which is inviting property owners to a weight-loss program whose … Continue reading

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