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Good News, Mexicans! Republicans Will Crowdfund the Wall

It’s no secret that my people (i.e. The Mexicans) are busy trying to pick one president out of a pathetic choice of four candidates, so we haven’t really thought about that other little pendiente of ours: Saving up to pay … Continue reading

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Fox News Totally Loves Muslims — as long as they Come Wrapped in the U.S. Flag

Kind of reminds me of this thing. Big #LOL Via: The Hill

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Americans Should Fear Mexicans More than ISIS: Ann Coulter

“If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”  This is so ridiculous, it’s funny… and deserves a big LOL.    

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Yay! Ann Coulter Is Off to Outer Space and Never Coming Back

The non-Hispanic white “author”, Fox News commentator and overall hater of brown people (Hispanics and otherwise) has finally answer my prayers. According to Coulter’s latest book, Adios [SIC] America, she is taking a one-way flight to outer space. So.. yay! As we say in my … Continue reading

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Internet User in L.A. Poses Excellent Question about Mexicans

The Internet is an oasis of information, entertainment, endless time-wasting and — more importantly — thought-provoking inquiries. Take Username_2000, a ‘Daily Mail Online’ reader in Los Angeles, California, who took to that empowering tool known as the “comments box” to ponder … Continue reading

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Latinos on Fox News Latino Declare 2014 ‘The Year of the Latino’ -For Some Reason

Sometimes I wish I had less time on my hands to actually go over all the Latino-related stuff that lands daily in my Inbox. But just in case you were wondering what’s new in the senseless fascinating world of Latino media … Continue reading

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Speaking of National Taco Day and Clueless Fox News Hosts

As I was saying…… today is National Taco Day, so it was a perfect opportunity for a clueless Fox News host to ask his Nicaraguan colleague -whom he actually thought was Colombian- to discuss tacos (because, after all, all Latinos … Continue reading

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