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This Laser Hair Removal Biz in Brazil Wants you to Know Frida Would Have Been Better off Using their Services

Some laser hair removal shop in Brazil called Espaçolaser thought it would be a great idea to use a Before-After image of Frida Kahlo showing how unbelievably different (presumably better) she would have looked AFTER undergoing a hair laser removal therapy with … Continue reading

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Mexican Rats Smoke Cigarettes, and are Dying From it

Let other countries use graphic images of low-weight babies, cancerous lungs or people exhaling smoke through a tracheotomy opening to show the perils of smokers. The Mexican government has decided to go a slightly different way. Mexico’s health authorities decided to bring back the image … Continue reading

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Have fun. Have sex. Beware of HIV — and faulty marketing in Spanish

It’s always great to see New York City spend money in communicating useful stuff to Spanish-speaking New Yorkers (there are tons of us, you know?) but it should be well advised to work a little more on their Spanish-language marketing copy. Take the print ad above (seen … Continue reading

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This Photo Proves Hispanics are Cleaner than Non-Hispanics

(Either that, or the majority of patrons at this Hispanic bodega are not able to understand English) Via: Reddit

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Mexican Viagra Wears Hat; es ‘Mucho Caliente’

You might not know this but Viagra, when sold in Mexico, wears a hat and is ‘mucho caliente.’ Photo taken by Tania Lara (@politex) in -where else?- Cabo San Lucas.

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Rubén Darío Inspires Best Smoking Warning. Ever.

Who said Latin American poetry and health warnings don’t go hand in hand? Photo: Laura Martínez. 2013

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Chinese Press Coins Awesome Spanish Translation for ‘Joint’

Speaking of Cannabis and Cannabis-infused tortilla chips, the folks over at People’s Daily are doing a hell of a job updating their Spanish-language page, which is awesome because they have come up with the most hilarious -and accurate- Spanish translation for “joint.” ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

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