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Conan Is Heading to Mexico to Repair U.S.-Mexico Relations, Because Nobody Else Can

In these “interesting times,” in which the most important diplomatic decisions are made on Twitter, it’s only fitting that the only person that seems qualified to repair the much damaged U.S.-Mexico relation is… a television comedian. Sí, señor. Conan O’Brien, who jumped … Continue reading

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Salma Hayek to Star as a Lesbian Taco in Upcoming Movie, Because Hollywood

Hold on to your sombreros! If you thought Hollywood was running out of awesome ideas, think again. Coming this summer to a movie theatre near you is The Sausage Party, an “adult animated film with talking food,” starring Seth Rogen as Frank, … Continue reading

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¡Ándale, Ándale! Speedy Gonzales Preps for Hollywood Debut

If everything goes according to plan, my childhood hero will soon be the star of his own animated feature film. According to, Warner Bros. is already working on a Speedy Gonzales movie with producers Dylan Sellers and Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez, who will be … Continue reading

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The Oscars Might be White, but the Oscar Statue Is Mexican

Thursday was not a good day for so-called “colored people” in the U.S., as the Oscar nominations were announced showing — once again — that the Academy is intent on nominating mostly white people. Best Actor in a leading role category? All white. … Continue reading

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The Wait is Over: ‘Telenovela’ Premieres December 7 on NBC

Eva Longoria (aka La Prieta Faya and this blogger’s favorite retroacculturated Latina) is like super excited, because NBC on Monday Dec. 7 will premiere Telenovela, a 13-episode comedy that promises a lot of drama along with “passion, betrayal and raw sexuality.” As this blog reported … Continue reading

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It’s a Hollywood Miracle! Chile’s 33 Rescued Miners Speak Fluent English

In August 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped 700 meters underground and about 5 kilometers from a mine’s entrance in Copiapó, Chile, where they remained for an agonizing 69 days until the 33 of them were rescued, alive and almost all in good medical … Continue reading

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Spanish-Dubbed Chinese Telenovelas Are Way Better than Regular Telenovelas

This is a story of love, passion and betrayal, but its main protagonists do not boast names like Camila Valentina, or Eduardo Alberto Manuel. Meet Xie An Zhen and Wen Rui Fan, the protagonists of Esposa valiente (Xi Li Ren Qi in Chinese, … Continue reading

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