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This Mexican Cemetery Was Used to Make Porn Movies, Because Mexico

I bet you’ve never heard of Mezquitán, Jalisco, but that’s OK, because there’s nothing really going on there… Until this week, when a local porn actress informed us that she had been filming her latest feature film at the neighborhood’s local cemetery. “Where do you think … Continue reading

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Mariachi Version, Because Why Not?

It was bound to happen. A mariachi version remake of the famous ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast quickly became a viral hit, because apparently there is nothing Hispanics love more than seeing their favorite mainstream characters recreated á la mexicana. The … Continue reading

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¡Ándale, Ándale! Speedy Gonzales Preps for Hollywood Debut

If everything goes according to plan, my childhood hero will soon be the star of his own animated feature film. According to, Warner Bros. is already working on a Speedy Gonzales movie with producers Dylan Sellers and Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez, who will be … Continue reading

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Captain Mexico Has Had it with Donald Trump

Meet Erik López (aka Captain Mexico) my people’s new Superhero, who came to this year’s Comic Con very well equipped to take on our archenemy: El Trumpo, of course. “I love Marvel and Captain America, but there are no famed Latino superheroes,” 32-year-old López told … Continue reading

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Aeroméxico Might Want to Change its Name to ‘IronMéxico’

It is no secret that international air travel is undergoing a severe financial crisis; with fuel costing a lot of money and all. But airline owners are a creative bunch and have found “innovative” ways to make additional cash, including … Continue reading

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Yeah! Latinas Sweep up Hollywood

When was the last time you saw a Latin actress portraying a surgeon or an architect in a Hollywood movie? …. exactly! Here’s one of my favorite print ads promoting this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival. To see the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Another Bad Latin-themed Movie

If it weren’t for the promise of a hot kissing session between Kate del Castillo and Eva Longoria, I wouldn’t have paid attention to the upcoming release of Without Men, a romantic cliché comedy of sorts starring Longoria, my favorite retroacculturated Latina and … Continue reading

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