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I’m Going to Hell for this, but at Least it Will be RA-PI-DI-TO


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Sprint Revives Locomía in Latest Campaign, Because Everybody Wants the 80s Back

I don’t know about you, but I spent a pretty good chunk of my youth dancing like a maniac to the ridiculous tunes of Locomía, the Spanish 80s pop band formed by four flamboyant fashion students who wore makeup, outrageous … Continue reading

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My Blog Just Turned 10 Years, and I Can’t Believe it’s still around. So… ¡Gracias!

It was exactly ten years ago when, after losing my dream job and feeling a bit disoriented as to what to do next, I decided to start a blog. It was originally called Mi casa es tu casa, but it quickly … Continue reading

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Anheuser-Busch Debuts Bad ‘Mexican’ Beer with an Even Worse Commercial

Estrella Jalisco, a beer brand you’ve never heard of (and one you should probably never drink) has decided to make its U.S. debut by pitching its own idea of “mexicanidad,” namely turning a regular American neighborhood into an animated fiesta, complete … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet Brouhaha Proves Humanity [and Very Likely this Blog] Is Doomed

I seriously don’t know what’s worse, if Donald Trump tweeting a photo of himself on Cinco de Mayo eating a Taco Bowl (whatever that is) to say he loves Hispanics or the avalanche of serious, “investigative news pieces” from “real … Continue reading

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Your Guide to National Margarita Day: Watch this [Repeatedly]

Being a real Mexican and all, I’m not the one to drink margaritas, but the folks over at Sauza Tequila have won me over. Hands down. And to think I’ve been so negative about advertising….

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mi Blog es tu Blog

Because this is the only heart-shaped thing I could possibly care about.

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