Who Is Laura Martínez, anyway?

Don Francisco,Queens, New York
Grilling Don Francisco, circa 2012 in New York City.

I am a bilingual writer and editor with over 25 years of experience writing about business, media, technology and pop culture in Latin America and the U.S.

As a journalist working in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and now the U.S., I have helped launch –and grow– several publications, both in print and digital format.

In my most recent position as editor with CBS Interactive’s CNET en Español, I worked with an international team of reporters and videographers documenting all things tech all over the world. I have a soft spot for Hispanic and/or Latin things, especially when they’re taken at ridiculous heights (thus this blog is already 13 years –and counting.)

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Yup. There’s a ton of us. CES Las Vegas 2020

Prior to joining CBS, I was the founder –and Editor in Chief– of VNU’s Marketing y Medios magazine, an English-language trade publication devoted to explaining the Hispanic market to a non-Spanish speaking audience of executives and marketers in the United States. We were the sister publication of Adweek, Mediaweek, Brandweek, Billboard and Editor & Publisher.

I left that magazine in December 2006 following its sale to a new owner (Nielsen).

Prior to that, I was responsible for creating and launching the Spanish-language edition of the Wall Street Journal, a weekly publication which was distributed as an insert in several Spanish-language newspapers in the country. I had tons of fun doing that, but as most things “Hispanic,” this was shut down upon not making the trillion dollars we expected.

Born and raised in Mexico City, I left my country at the age of 17 to study the International Baccaleaurate at the United World College of South East Asia, in Singapore, a fantastic two-year experience which changed me forever, not only for the outstanding education I received, but also for the people, cultures and countries I discovered.

Back in Mexico City, I went to the Escuela de Periodismo Carlos Septien Garcia, the country’s most prestigious school solely dedicated to teaching journalism, where I graduated with honors. My final thesis: “The involvement of the United States of America in Mexican economic and political affairs as reflected in leading print media: case studies: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times”.

Through my journalistic career, I have reported and written stories out of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. I have been a keynote speaker at some major events both in Latin America and the United States. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.

‘Al Punto’ [Univision] March 28, 2010

You can write to me at: latinbeauty (at) gmail (dot) com. Follow me on Mastodon

Click here -or on photo below- to watch the video on Univision.com

NY1 Noticias [Time Warner Cable] April 24, 2009


February 1 to present: Independent writer, editor and translator

I am a New York City-based bilingual writer and editor specialized in marketing and advertising. Since leaving my post as editor in chief and founder of Marketing y Medios magazine, I set up my own company offering professional editing, translating and writing services for companies seeking to tap into the U.S. Hispanic market. Current and past clients include Avon Inc., NBC Universal, Meredith Corp., Siempre Mujer, the New York City Health Department, Hogar Latino LLC, Latin 2 Latin Marketing, Advertising Age, Cinema Tropical and Mi Cash Inc.

June 7 2004 to Dec. 31, 2006:
Editor in Chief
ADWEEK’s Marketing y Medios
A VNU Business Media publication
New York, NY

I was hired by the Dutch media conglomerate to spearhead the launch of Marketing y Medios, a monthly magazine covering Hispanic-targeted media, marketing and advertising. I was responsible for hiring a staff of bilingual journalists, photographers and art directors, as well as putting together a team of freelance writers in the United States and Latin America. Under my leadership, and in only two years, Marketing y Medios was nominated twice for the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Awards –in 2005 as Best Start-Up publication and in 2006 as Best Department for our En Español, Por Favor monthly column. I was also responsible for launching http://www.marketingymedios.com, currently the online leader in analysis and breaking news related to Hispanic marketing, advertising and media.

February 2001 to May 2004: Editor
The Wall Street Journal en Español
New York, NY

I was charged with the creation and launch of the first Spanish-language edition of The Wall Street Journal, a weekly publication launched on March 4th, 2004, which circulates as an insert in major Hispanic newspapers around the country. In this capacity, I was responsible for selecting, translating and editing articles from the English edition of The Wall Street Journal and coordinating a team of freelance contributors. My duties included editing and feeding the Spanish-language Web site of The Wall Street Journal (http://americas.wsj.com)

August 1999 to February 2001: Managing Editor
New York, NY
I was the creator and editor of SoyEntrepreneur.com, the leading online Spanish-language magazine for small businesses, working with an editorial team throughout Mexico and a production team in Irvine, California. The Web site is the Spanish-language edition of the leading U.S. small business Web site. It covers themes such as marketing, sales strategies, advertising, business creation, franchising and export opportunities for small business owners throughout Latin America and within the Hispanic community in the U.S.

February 1997 — August 1999: Editor
Revista Entrepreneur en Español
Mexico City
I worked as the editor of Entrepreneur en Español, Mexico´s leading magazine for small business owners. I was in charge of assigning and editing of the editorial material for the whole magazine. During this period, sales of the magazine grew from 9,000 copies in early 1997 to nearly 39,000 by November 1999, mainly due to a wider coverage of Mexican stories rather than translating the US editorial content.

March 1996 – January 1997: Editor and correspondent
AmericaEconomia Dow Jones & Co.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I was in charge of the Argentina coverage of the Latin American business magazine, AmericaEconomia. I established the magazine´s first editorial office in Buenos Aires, writing my own articles and liaising with other correspondents in the country and the magazine´s main editorial office in Santiago de Chile.

January 1995 – March 1996: Editor and correspondent
AmericaEconomia Dow Jones & Co.
Santiago de Chile, Chile
During this period, I anchored the Mercosur coverage of AmericaEconomia from the magazine´s main office in Santiago. This involved reporting and editing stories on business, trade, economics and finance on Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay – the countries that comprise the Mercado Común del Sur.

November 1993 – December 1994: Reporter
Mexico City
I worked as a correspondent for AmericaEconomia in Mexico and Central America covering the economics, business, trade and finances of the region.

January 1993 – November 1993: Reporter
El Financiero Satellite News Service (Finsat)
Mexico City
I worked as a financial reporter for the English and Spanish language services of this news agency, traveling to Europe, the US and Central America.

January 1992 – January 1993: Editorial Assistant
El Financiero Weekly International Edition
Mexico City
My principal responsibilities included the translation from Spanish into English of articles on business, economics and finance; reporting and coordination of photography for the weekly edition of the leading financial daily, El Financiero.


Escuela de Periodismo Carlos Septién García
Mexico City
Bachelor of Journalism
Thesis: “The involvement of the United States of America in Mexican economic and political affairs as reflected in leading print media: case studies: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times”.

United World College of South East Asia
Singapore, Singapore
I completed my secondary education with a scholarship to participate in UWC’s International Baccalaureate program. Final Thesis: “Was the Cuban Revolution Successful?”


Fluency in Spanish, English and French

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  3. Te falto mencionar el colegio donde nos conocimos, ingrata.

    Felicidades amiga!! te deseo mucho exito……


  4. Laura!!! i had heard rumors and chismes of your return while on el Juan & Only Blog!

    You had been nice and humorous enough to publish my letter to editor while phasing out at MYM, with its chingasos and all!

    Nice to see you online! I’m excited and honored to be in contact again. Congrats on your reappearance, I know that there will be lots of entertaining chismes y chingaderas. I look forward to it all!

    Adelante to destroy stereotypes and pendejismos!


  5. Hola Laura,

    My name is Aline De Lucca, I’m the Recruiter in charge for an Editorial/Community Manager position for Google Brasil. We’d like to speak to you about this project, so please give me a call at 55 11 3797-1118 or 55 11 9136-7060 as soon as you can or, if you prefer, send me an email with your contacts. It will be a pleasure talking to you.


    Aline De Lucca

    1. Achei voce no LinkedIn e gostaria enviar meu curriculo para voce. Sou casado com uma brasileira e estou tirando um visto permanente para Brasil. Tambem falo espanhol e portugues. Sou formado em International Marketing na University of Connecticut.

      Obrigada pela atencao – Christopher Kuhn

      Meu email e ckuhn1@gmail.com

  6. Buscando a NEMO??? Hola Laura, Quisiera pedirte un grandísimo favor… Soy nativo de Tijuana B.C. y ando en busca de uno de tus amigos su nombre es Carla Raygoza con quien tienes una foto. Soy un viejo amigo desde el Kinder, primaria y le he perdido el rastro a ella y su familia. ¿Podrías darle mi correo electrónico para reanudar el contacto? Te lo agradezco de corazón.

    Tu servidor.

    Carlos Pérez Isaac

  7. Hey Laurita ! Estuviste por Miami y no me visitaste ! No lo voy a olvidar pero podrias compensar semejante desdes con mas fotos tuyas en tu blog. Asi los viejos amigos te podemos ver ! Cuidate !

  8. Hi Laura,
    Your site is a must-read for me every day. It’s smart, up to date and funny. And funny is hard to do but you have the gift.
    I have a site, http://www.LinkLatinos.com, where your blog is featured every day.
    If you would do a cross link to http://www.LinkLatinos.com, that would be great. My site is a place where I gather news, views and information on Latino communities nationwide. Thank you.
    Natalia Muñoz

  9. Laura,
    Thank you for your insightful website. It is very informative and entertaining. I just read the piece now published on Ad Age and couldn’t agree with you more. Our frustration with the media is their fault. The see us, but don’t believe us. They hear us, but formulate their own view anyway. This lack of sensitivity caused us to establish the first all Latino Internet TV called http://www.calmagazine.com. Our webshows are twenty minutes in length and highlight what we are doing and more importantly who we are. We have a new webshow starting next month called “The American Latina” and I invite you to be a part of this. Gracias por la oportunidad.

    Adrian Perez

  10. Hola,

    I’m new to the blog-sphere and getting acquainted really fast with all the different bloggers around. I think you’ll appreciate my links and comments. I would definitely love to read your comments on any of my postings!

    saludos desde los angeles,

  11. Laura, I feel your ’emotion’ about wanting to be hired because you are ‘qualified’ and not because you are a ‘Latina’.

    I also believe most African-Americans feel the same way. No one wants to tnink that only color and etnnicity make you qualified. Interestingly, very few, if any White-American thinks that they’ve been hired for anything but competence (when,in fact, many are hired because of relationships, family contacts, physical appearance, athletic skills, client dictates, etc.).

    Some personal thoughts:

    1. I really don’t believe most companies are willing to take just anybody for a job, regardless of skills or talent , just because of race and ethnicity. That’s the way some whites think (who don’t believe any “minority” is qualified to beat them out of a job}…so I don’t want you to fall into that trap.

    2. I admire your sincerity when you say you don’t want to be seen as a ‘minority’, but being Mexican born in Mexico, probably light skinned, middle-class and living there for at least your formative years, you, luckily, never had a “minority” mindset psychologically. And that’s a good thing. I would suspect that you will never see yourself as a minority, even in the US.

    3. Unfortunately, African-Americans, for the most part, have always lived under the “minority” mindset psychologically with constitutional amendments required to make us ‘whole’ and able to vote. In addition, state laws had to be changed in order to enable us to go to school, read, marry who we choose, sit at a lunch counter, ride the front of a bus, etc. As a result, we have an even harder time saying, “judge me for being a competent human rather than a minority”. It’s a tough designation to shed, even when we want to.

    3. Obviously, some Hispanics and African-Americans have benefitted because of affirmative action, but in most cases, they were more than competent, and because of the overwhelming ‘majority’ / ‘minority’ ratio historically, if it weren’t for affirmative action, the raw numbers [and racial attitudes] we/they would always be marginalized.

    4. I know you are proud of your Mexican background, and you should be. Ironically, Latin America is one of the most color-conscious land masses on earth. Generally, white and light-skinned or ‘non indigenous Indian – looking” Brazilians, Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Columbians, etc. get the best corporate jobs, government postions, principal spots in TV programming and commercials and access to the best education. Without some type of affirmative action (not quotas and not “make incompetents presidents of companies”) those ‘minorities’ will forever be mired in marginalization.

    The “Minority” issue, no matter where you live in the world, is a very complex and emotional subject. I put ‘solving’ it right up there with solving differential calculus and truly understanding the mathematical theories of anti-matter and quarks.

  12. Laura, I am very interested to hear your thoughts on the ridiculously ‘clasista’ Mexican population and education. Looking over your background it is apparent yours is not a ‘typical’ Mexican story stereotyped with struggles of crossing the border on foot developing your writing skills on breaks with a crayon and a napkin. It fits more on the ‘fresa de chilangolandia’ with many opportunities handed to them.

    Talent is talent and by no means do i intend to deny your writing skills. I very much enjoy your insights and you definitely deserve all the merit and recognition of the “Disgruntled, non-Famous, Certainly-not-Mainstream, Harlem-Beaner-Blogger of the Week.” But do you think a Mexican born student who doesn’t necessarily have access or income to receive a private education such as a Tech de Monterrey could advance to the same level you have achieved here in the US?

    I am the definition of ‘Ni de aqui Ni de alla.’ My family is originally from Mexico and thanks to the ‘typical’ Mexican immigration story I had the opportunity to advance myself little by little. (haha Minute Men you missed us!) In the previous post Don Richard writes on being a minority. I am a nicely baked brown Mexican-American and have never felt myself to be a minority and firmly believe talent, hard work, and opportunity are needed to succeed here in the US. However, if my cousins from Mexico wanted to advance themselves I seriously doubt they could without those “privilegios” held only by certain social groups in Mexico. Any thoughts?


  13. Laura
    Got your information (sans phone) from Julia at TOdobebe. We have a story that we want to work on with you. Can you call me at your convenience?


    Cynthia Nelson
    Chief Operating Officer

    Miami Headquarters:
    Todobebe, Inc.
    5400 NE 4th Court, Studio 4
    Miami, FL 33137
    (o) 786 364 4412 (direct)
    (c) 305 298 0687
    (f) 786 513 8113

  14. Hi Laura,
    You are quite a talented and accomplished individual. I would love to have tu opinion on my idea to begin motivating latinas to become more physically fit. I am starting a triathlon club (website still in development) for all ages to combat obesity, early onset diabetes etc.,

    I just started my blog TriLatina… I’d love to engage in dialogue with you.

  15. I share your frustration with automated telephone attendants. Technology, not accents, are the problem. Some automated attendants hear as well as real people. Most are just plain frustrating.

  16. Hey Laurita, aqui estoy checking out tu blog en su primer año. Cool…… en la foto pareces una diva de una peli de Chabrol. Tres Jolie. abrazo, i

  17. Hi Laura,
    Your unabashed honesty (i.e. accuracy) and trenchant observations (have waited about three decades to use “trenchant” in a conversational sentence) are hilarious. Oh, and very true. Hispanics seem to be the the new “token” “minority” in everything from advertising to the news. From our local news to The Early Show to Ugly Betty, advertisers are jumping on the Hispanic bandwagon (as you are proof of). Latinos are popping up around every corner. It’s a pretty clear confirmation of America’s diverse makeup (and history). Keep up the sardonic wise-cracks! David.

  18. Mi querida Laura!

    En horabuena y estoy feliz de volver a saber de ti. Me enteré de tu blog gracias a Morán y, pues ya estoy de vuelta en México. Mis mejores deseos y ya tienes mi correo. Espero verte pronto.

  19. Que raro que no estes en Stumbleupon. Acabo de hacer una reseña leve de tu página, asi que espera algunos visitante :). Saludos desde baja california.

  20. I was connected to you site by someone that you wrote about and a very one sided note it was. Sad, that you are so bitter. Great to have an opinion, but give people a chance and look at things from all sizes.

  21. Do you even know any Anglos or other races besides your own? To look at your web site is to see a obviously ethnocentric bitter Latina woman who sees the world through Brown Hispanic eyes. Everything about you is about one race. There is a fine line between being ethnocentric and being a racist and you cross it all the time. Broaden your horizons. There is more to life then just your people.

  22. Laura,

    I’ve been thinking about writing you something for a while, but only now got some time. First of all, I am realy sorry for your loss. Second, your blog looks great and you’re doing an excellent job! I am proud to say “I know her”!

    Un beso grande, Isaac

  23. A very interesting blog. I found it because of a recommendation from http://mexfiles.wordpress.com/ . Please keep up the good work.

    I am working on posting articles to a wiki called Politica en Mexico at:
    http://www.wiki.pemex.org and would love to have you take a look at it and give advice.

    I just got back from a trip to Michoacan. This is where some of my family is from. My wife has family in Durango. I have lots of photos from past trips to Mexico on the website http://www.picture.net under the Mexico section.

  24. Hola Laura,
    Felicidades por tu libro. Acabo de ordenarlo en Amazon y me llegará el lunes. Ya te haré llegar mis comentarios…¡Salud por ese logro!


  25. your poorly researched bit about my “boredom” in chapala suggests to me that your journalistic endevours need some serious improvement. but i would expect nothing more from a chilanga born with a silver spoon in her mouth[how do YOU like to be typecast]. in any event,this is only a mere blog; blogs who’s primary purpose , in my not so humble opinion, is for the author to pat themselves on the back.

  26. I am a Spanish teacher in Nashville’s public schools. For the past 5 years (middle and high) I have worked hard at getting students excited about Latino culture, primarily through music. From my many efforts and the efforts of other Spanish teachers ( who are a very enthusiastic bunch) I KNOW we are creating consumers of Latino products now and in the future.
    What efforts are being made to reach out to the growing numbers of native English speakers who want Latino products (food, entertainment, ‘stuff’?) They are interested, curious and often excited about the new world that opens to them as they enjoy Mexicans and other Latino people. Many are fluent but most have beginning fluency and want real life experience in Spanish.
    And, yes, I too find the T and A on Latino channels to be over the top. It makes me reluctant to recommend them even to the high schoolers. I comb through music to select pieces appropriate for class and as a professional I have to be careful of any entertainment I steer them to.
    Again .I hope someone out there is listening…..

  27. I love your site and would like to advertise on your blog with a small text link on your blogroll, do you offer advertising space? This would be for our Dallas real estate website.


  28. are you the lady that wrote about the freda kahlo trainers?if so can you tell me where i can buy some please?ive surched the net high and low and nothing.Thanx for your time Tracey

  29. With such an impresive resume it’a a shame you were unable to write anything worthy of you about the Mexican independence.
    Maybe next year
    Best regards

  30. Creo que ud esta muy equivocada con algunas cosas.
    Mi nombre es Alvaro Acosta, vivo en Montevideo, Uruguay, por lo cual soy sudamericano y por tanto latino.
    Las generalizaciones que usted hace no reflejan correctamente lo que es ser latino, sino que a mi entender reflejan una forma de ser centroamericana, que particularmente para mi y para otros es un tanto ofensivo que se nos trate de tales.
    Tanto en Uruguay como en Argntina la mayoria de las personas son de tes blanca, mas parecidos a los europeos y americanos que a los latinos, y no tenemos esas costumbres tan llamativas con las cuales nos generaliza al emplear mal el termino latinos. De nosotros es propio el tango, pero no encuentro otra cosa que pueda atrivuirnos. Por favor, tenga mas cuidado al usar el termino.

    1. @exouy:

      Los latinos son los habitantes originarios de todos los países cuya lengua deriva del latín: los cuales son italianos, españoles, portugueses, brasileños y franceses.

      Pero también se les llama incorrectamente latinos a los latinoamericanos (como una abreviación de esta palabra), los cuales son latinos sólo en el caso de que tengan ascendencia de cualquiera de los países arriba mencionados.

      La palabra “latín” deriva de “lacio”, que es la región de Italia donde se originó la lengua latina o latín, que era el idioma oficial de la antigua Roma, o del Imperio romano.

      Por lo tanto, uruguayos y argentinos también SON latinos, independientemente del color de su tez, que por cierto, eso NO los vuelve superiores a nadie, por lo tanto, no veo donde esté la “ofensa” de que los incluyan en las “generalizaciones” a las que tu te refieres.

      En otras palabras, a la hora de defecar a uruguayos, argentinos, venezolanos, guatemaltecos o mexicanos, nos apestan igual las héces fecales.

  31. Very interesting blog indeed. Your resumé is very impressive. Keep up the great work.

    I invite you to visit my blog: http://www.quepuedohacer.com which is written in Spanish and where I write articles to help other latinos with questions on several different subjects. I would be most grateful if you would give me your feedback on it.


  32. Wow, recien vi el video sobre los blogs y el marketing y no sabia que eras tan experta en estos temas! Te felicito y envidio tu Ingles. Me pregunto si algun dia podre tener tanta fluidez (claro que vivir en South Florida no ayuda mucho). Sabes, mi empresa tiene un website al que acuden personas de todo el pais para incorporar sus negocios (registrar corporaciones o LLC u organizaciones sin fines de lucro). Este website esta en su mayor parte en Ingles, pero a la vez, es el unico que tiene una homepage en espanol y contenido en este idioma. Esto llama mucho la atencion de mis competidores que piensan que nosotros tenemos buena llegada con el publico hispano. Lo que no saben es que el propio hispano en los EEUU prefiere hablar o leer en Ingles. Mis hijos, que llegaron con 3 y 5 anios prefieren el ingles y su espanol es totalmente “trabado”, a pesar de que en casa hablamos espanol. Mi percepcion es que solo algunos hispanos inmigrantes y de cierta edad (40 para arriba) prefieren leer en su idioma. Los demas, y mucho mas los nacidos aqui en los EEUU prefieren el Ingles. Tu que piensas? Como sabes, mi background en medios me hizo siempre desarrollar sitios que mas alla de que vendan algo tambien brinden contenido. Por eso comenzamos hace un tiempo con un blog en Espanol sobre nuestra empresa. A la vez esta la contraparte en Ingles, que es la que mas venimos “trabajando”. Valdra realmente la pena continuar con la version en Espanol?

    Te envio un beso muy grande!

    Roberto Neuberger

  33. I am conducting a national survey of Latino fathers; the basic premise of my study is that the Latino gender and cultural norms lead to positive relationships between men and their children. I am trying to recruit fathers to take a short (15-20 minute) online survey. This is a tremendous opportunity to counter the negative stereotypes about Latino men. Any help you could give me by getting my survey link out would be greatly appreciated.

    If you would like to hear more aobut my study, or have any questions, please contact me at my e-mail address. Thank you,
    Jon Glass, M.Ed.

  34. Hola Laura,
    Gusto saber de tí, te he buscado durante mucho tiempo
    Espero te acuerdes quien soy

  35. Para recordarte, alguna vez me escribiste esto como a los 14 años de edad

    You are 2 nice 2 be 4 gotten

  36. Hola Laura, I was also at UWCSEA, I was in second year when you were in seventh. Like you it really changed my outlook on life.

    1. salma por que no escribes en espanol o ya se se te olvido de donde vienes yo tengo viviendo aqui desde que tengo 5 ahora tengo 45 de edad y me siento muy horgulloso de hablar escriir y leer en espanol

  37. Laura, escuche la conversacion que tuviste con Jorge Ramos en el programa “al punto” el dia de ayer y no estoy de acuerdo contigo cuando dices, que ya Mexico o el gobierno perdio el control, estoy consiente de el enorme peligro y los problemas que Mexico tiene, especialmente en el renglon de seguridad y que en algunas ciudades hay verdaderas situaciones alarmantes, pero hay una diferencia enorme entre haber perdido y el tener problemas, tengo familiares ahi y se que todavia hay control, aunque desgraciadamente no hay la paz que todos los mexicanos teniamos y quisieramos tener.
    Creo que fue un comentario muy a la ligera y sin pensar, que no esta de acuerdo a la realidad, no creo que pensaste bien tu respuesta!!
    Para mi, quisiste ser la estrellita del programa

  38. LAURA es la primera vez que te veo hablar en television y tambien creo que exageraste en tu comentario yo tengo familia que vive en mexico y me comentan que la situacion esta muy delicada pero que todavia en gobierno tiene control del territorio mexicano claro como todo el narcotrafico opera en muchas ciudades y que estan por todas parte pero siempre se estan escondiendo
    o vamos a verlo de esta manera tu crees que el gobierno de estados unidos a perdido el control en contra de las padillas claro que no las pandillas estan muy activas en muchos lugares pero no tienen el control absoluto del poder


  40. @ Frank: You should THINK before saying anything like what you said above. First of all, the vast mayority of undocumented workers (illegals is such a harsh word to use), actually contribute with their work to America’s economy.

    If it weren’t for their cheap labor, you and I would be paying $15.00 each tomato instead of $1.69 per pound (that is not an actual price, I’m just trying to make a point).

    Most undocumented people do jobs that most of us would NOT be interested in doing: dishwasher, cook, garden worker, babysitter, food delivery, busboy, field worker, etc.

    If they weren’t doing those jobs at cheap rates, many businesses simply wouldn’t exist, because they wouldn’t be able to afford to pay $12.00 per hour to some “american” worker to work for them making food deliveries ( assuming some “american” is interested in doing such job). And assuming the employer hired that “american” worker, the cost of it would have to be passed to the customer…. and not many would be willing to pay, say double or triple the actual cost for a product or service.

    Most of these undocumented immigrants are usually exploited. They earn less than legal wages and most cases they don’t have benefits like regular “american” workers do.

    Many of them pay taxes, BUT since they don’t have a valid social security number, they don’t have a right to collect a social security check when they get older.

    Yes, I agree on that government should secure the borderline and deport those who actually commit violent crimes, BUT they should allow to stay those who really contribute to the economy with their work and businesses, giving them a chance to legalize their status.

  41. Laura,
    VERY impressive work, I am blessed to have found your blog. I see that your heritage is engrained in your spirit, I wish we all had that fire for our people. My company is working hard to make inroads into the Hispanic market.

    My name is Ellis Mayberry; our company is 5LINX. We are producing Millionaires all across the U.S. and Canada at the present time. We know this same Financial Independence can be reproduced in the hispanic community; as this will lay the foundation for us opening in 20+ countries across the world in the next 5 years.

    I would like to look to you as a mentor as to how we would venture into the Hispanic market with our company and our products. Will you please take a look at our website production and give me feedback our how we can deliver this to the Hispanic leadership in New York and other states. http://ellismayberryonline.com. My number is (469) 371-7187. My email is ellis.mayberry@gmail.com. I will look forward to getting your feedback.

  42. Hi Laura,

    I’m a fan and reader of your blog. I also bought your book and gave it to a friend that is learning Spanish.

    A few days ago, a soccer coach was fired over insults in Spanish towards a referee. He called the referee “puto” which my understanding is that it is a homophobic slur in Mexico. We hear the chant at some of the games when the goalkeeper kicks the ball.

    I was wondering your opinion in this matter since some soccer writers are defending the coach by saying that this word is not a big deal in Spanish.

    Gracias y saludos

    Luis aka @Gringo_Mark


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