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MetroPCS Doesn’t Want You to Lose Your Shirt [or Habit]

MetroPCS has released a series of new Spanish-language commercials showing what can happen when your mobile data plan is very expensive. The work is from Richards/Lerma, a Dallas-based advertising agency, which recently took the smart step of hiring my buddy … Continue reading

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Chris Christie’s Spanish-language TV Spot Has Been ‘Endorsado’ by Bad Spanish

I don’t know you, but last time I checked, the Spanish translation for “endorsed” was patrocinado, respaldado, promocionado or even endosado. But according to this spot, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s re-election campaign has been “endorsado” by some Latino leaders … Continue reading

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How to Prepare a Dominican Quesadilla

Ever wondered how to make a Dominican quesadilla? Easy! Just prepare a gringo quesadilla (flour tortillas, yellow/orange plastic-y cheese and pico de gallo) and serve with a side of French fries, chipotle sauce and a 12 oz. small-caps “pepsi.” All … Continue reading

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The Aflac Duck Speaks Spanish, Is Fluent in Clichés

In an effort to lure more Hispanics to its insurance plans, Aflac this week launched Rehearsal, a 30-second spot in which we see the Aflac pato trying to pronounce Aflac using the tone and accents of Mexico, Brazil and Spain. No, … Continue reading

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♪ ♫ Ojalá que llueva ( McCafé ) en el Campo ♫ ♪

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing, and with it comes the flurry of pandering Hispanic marketing opportunities to reach my people. From culturally relevant print publications and invitations to celebrate our heritage by eating pizza and drinking Pepsi to … Continue reading

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I Was on NPR Today, and this is What I had to Say (Not Much)

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The ‘Miami Herald’ is About to Get Muy Caliente…

Ah… Hispanic Heritage Month is not even here and marketers and publishers are already getting very excited. Take the Miami Herald, which is already hyping up interest for Caliente, a free Spanish-language tabloid featuring stories that most concern my people (i.e. … Continue reading

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