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Here’s Why There’s no Democracy in Cuba

It’s all George W. Bush’s fault. According to trusted news reports (which came out while we were stuffing ourselves with turkey and other non-vegetarian delicacies) Felipe E. Sixto (right), a former Bush aide, has been charged with theft from a … Continue reading

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Mexicans to the Rescue of U.S. Economy

Don’t believe everything you hear about Mexicans. Sure, we come here to steal your money, your job and your chics, but also –at least in the border towns– we are here to help. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mexicans … Continue reading

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Remembering our First ‘Indocumentados’

I don’t know about you, but I plan to celebrate Thanksgiving by honoring those who paved the way for our paisanos en el campo. (Oh, and by saying “paved” I didn’t mean to say “pavo.”) Happy Sansgivin! Image: Dry Bones

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Gringos Launch English-language Telenovela Featuring Univision-Size Boobs

A Bay Area’s news station, Kron, this week announced the launch of Hacienda Heights, a weekly telenovela that will premiere Dec. 3. The new show, say its creators, features an all Hispanic cast in an English-language soap opera. Per a … Continue reading

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Bush Pledges to Battle World Economic Crisis While Wearing a Poncho. Yes, Again

Don’t you just love it when useless politicians turn cute and dress up in “ethnic” garb that not even “ethnic people” really wear? Here’s Mr. Bush and other world leaders at this week’s APEC Summit in Lima. Well, at least … Continue reading

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Queen Sofía of Spain Wants you to Know She’s not Really into the Gay Thing

As if having a rubber-made version of the Infanta Leonor weren’t enough, Spaniards now have a yet more interesting way to amuse themselves. The Queen Up Close, the best-selling book by Spaniard writer Pilar Urbano, has given them a very … Continue reading

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Want to Beat the Crap out of an Immigrant? Make sure to Target the “Right” One

Hat tip to my friend Gabriel Sama for forwarding this CNN story about the $2.5 million awarded to a Kentucky teenager who was severely beaten by members of the Ku Kux Klan because they thought he was an illegal Latino … Continue reading

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