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This Is What I Call a Real Chocolate ‘Belga’…

Walking around Bruge, Belgium this morning, I came across these chocolates, which –the locals assured me– are the real thing. So… I guess that is what everybody meant when they talked about chocolate belga. Belga. Got it? And that is … Continue reading

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Mexican ‘Curious’ According to the North of France

Remember Cataluña’s Mexican hat? Travelling to Europe is always a reminder of how fun Mexican things get on the other side of the Atlantic. Walking around Lille, France this morning I bumped into Mexicali, a “typical” Mexican store, selling all … Continue reading

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This Blog Will be on Hiatus Until After 06/27/2010

It’s only 4 days before the much awaited massacre match between Mexico and Argentina, and judging by some of my Facebook friends’ profiles, nobody is getting much work these days, or paying attention to non-soccer news. So, in full solidarity … Continue reading

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The ‘Waka Waka Gate’ Heats Up. Vargas Says Shakira Plagiarized a Song He Took from Someone Else

[ UPDATED: Wilfrido Vargas this week came forward to deny reports of a potential lawsuit against Shakira.] The Waka Waka Gate -which I am proud to have partly initiated– is about to become more interesting. Turns out Dominican composer Wilfrido … Continue reading

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Hip-Shaking Liberian Kid Outdoes Shakira AND Las Chicas del Can in Waka Waka Rendition

Thanks to some loyal followers of this blog, I was able to find this jewel in the depths of YouTube. Turns out Waka Waka is not only not exclusive of Shakira, nor Las Chicas del Can, but apparently it’s as … Continue reading

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Dominican Bodega Owner Knows Mexicans Dress Weirdly, Lurk Around ATM’s

New York City’s Hamilton Heights, the cradle of the Hispanic lettuce, is also home to “Superior Market,” a Dominican-owned bodega that now caters to an increasingly Mexican clientele. Not only they offer Mexican produce, but they seem to know that … Continue reading

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Way Before Shakira Reached Puberty, the Waka Waka Was Called ‘El Negro no Puede’

If you are remotely familiar with Univision and it’s exclusive Spanish-language rights to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, I’m certain you have heard the now ubiquitous Waka-Waka, a melody everybody wants us to believe was written from … Continue reading

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