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Campaigning 101: How to Lure Puerto Rican Voters

Dancing -albeit sans grace– and pretending to like Presidente beer. How else?

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Holy Guacamole! Headline of the Week I

Dear readers: It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you a brand new section in this infamous great blog: The Headline of the Week, brought to you by…. well, no one would really sponsor this site. Ever. But … Continue reading

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12-Year-Old Seeks Help in NOT Going to Colombia

12-year-old Colombia-born Alejandro Ramírez is seeking your help in keeping him as far from Colombia as possible. The reason? Ramírez and his mom, now green-card holders, claim his biological dad and other family members in Colombia want him to go … Continue reading

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Battling Homophobia Mexico City Style

The local government of Mexico City has launched a new campaign against homophobia, featuring a series of outdoor ads like the one above plastered around the city’s subway system. For the monolingual crowd: “This is what you look like when … Continue reading

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Naked? Not a Problem. But Not Atop a Pyramid

Here’s what happens when advertising fails to meet moral anthropological standards. The latest ad campaign to promote the wonders of the Mexican State of Hidalgo features telenovela star Irán Castillo showing some eye-popping attractions imprinted on her almost-naked body. The … Continue reading

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Close the Door … Like it or Not

A reader of this blog -and fellow Mexico lover- forwarded this, posted on a fence outside a greenhouse in Ensenada, Mexico. Translation (sort of) for the monolingual crowd: “Close the door behind you upon entering and exiting… Please, if it’s … Continue reading

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And Now… Hispanic Shopping Centers!

First there was Hispanic cheese, then, a dark-skinned, dark-haired Jesus miraculously appeared in a Texas church, making local residents dub him Hispanic Jesus. So, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with –what else?– Hispanic Shopping … Continue reading

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Got American Express? Don’t Even Think About It

I guess the closest, non-literal translation that really captures the spirit behind this sign -found outside a Mexican eatery- will be something like: We “don’t” accept debit or credit cards… much less American Express.

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Speaking of Hot, Latin Bodies… has launched a nation-wide search for 12 Latina models who will appear in the 2009 Latinas Illustrated calendar which promises to be hotter than Dr. Manny’s Latin Diet. According to the company, casting call will be held in Los … Continue reading

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Latinos are Hot & Sexy… Until We Move to the U.S.

Finally, somebody has come forward with a sound explanation of why I don’t look like my gorgeous self back in Mexico City like 20 years ago. A new book by Dr. Manny Alvarez The Hot Latin Diet: The Fast Track … Continue reading

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El Diario Misses the Mark with ‘Don Juan’ Comparison

On May 13, a 25-year-old man was arraigned in a New Jersey court for having sex with the corpse of a 92-year-old woman in a Teaneck morgue. The case, which is already too bizarre and sick to digest, was not … Continue reading

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Hispanic Upfronts II: ‘People’s’ Beautiful Fiesta

Daddy Yankee, who this year was awarded the “prestigious” Artist of the Year award by Harvard University, made a bunch of us forget our penas and hit the floor Wednesday night at People en Español’s Bellos party at Mansion. The … Continue reading

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Hispanic TV Upfronts: Sights and Sounds I

Last year I told readers of this blog I would strive to become a sort of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ of Hispanic marketing and advertising, bringing them some juicy gossip and fun facts surrounding this ever exciting market. Well, … Continue reading

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Univision’s Chief Moonlights as a ‘Piragüero’

Joe Uva might not be fluent in Spanish (yet) but he certainly has a sense of humor and, unlike his predecessor, seems to enjoy the limelight and being onstage. Joining the cast of In the Heights, Mr. Uva made his … Continue reading

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Pre-Hispanic America According to Disney

Judging from Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua official trailer, Aztecs, Mayans and Incas are all the same thing. Besides, it doesn’t really matter who your ancestors were or which pyramid country you are from. If you play a tambor and wear … Continue reading

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