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FUNIBER Wants You to Master in Bad Spanish

I just love it when teaching institutions spend their money luring U.S. Hispanics to whatever it is that they do. But my favorite ones have to be those who offer a Master in Spanish as a Second Language by pitching … Continue reading

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Two ‘Muchachos’ Walk Into a Laundromat

This might not be a very realistic situation but this ad made me smile. What do you think would happen when two Latin men do laundry together? Just watch

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People Wearing Baseball Caps, Same Color T-Shirts Pose a Danger to America

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was quick to point out he has nothing to do with the billboard above (found standing on private property just north of Tucson, Arizona.) And this is bad, really, because who on Earth is going … Continue reading

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Finish Your Week-long Bicentennial Bash With Some Good Ol’ Mexican-Themed Videogame

Cueca Hero is not doing it for you? How about some Mexican-packed action? In this stereotype-ladden video game -brilliantly named Chili con Carnage, Mexican mariachi music plays in the background while a ‘malo muchacho’ (sic) beats the crap out of … Continue reading

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Chile Celebrates Bicentennial With ‘Cueca Hero’

Move over, Guitar Hero. Today (Sept. 18) is Chile’s Independence Bicentennial so thanks to Grey Chile, you can go to Facebook and play your own game of Cueca Hero, a Guitar Hero-inspired game with a very Chilean twist.

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Mexico Is so Independent, Even Its Coke Bottles Feature Native-Looking Women and Colorful Stuff

Oh dear. I wish I could say this is just a bad Internet joke but, well, it isn’t. Starting this weekend, you will start to see a lot of marketing crap stuff around Mexico’s Independence Bicentennial, including the Coca-Cola Special … Continue reading

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Marketing Health Care En Español: Right Mix of Tripe Stew, Vegetables and Exclamation Points

Forget everything you know about Hispanic marketing. New York-based Calvary Hospital knows that offering a first rate -and world renowned- health care is not enough: One must never forget to offer patients a hearty concoction made up of soaked tripe … Continue reading

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