Peruvian Teens Drink Milk Directly From Their Mom’s Breast. Yeah, That’s Right.

Here’s a spot you won’t see on Univision anytime soon. Perú is part of the viral campaign created by Austin, TX.-based LatinWorks to hype up the upcoming Cine Las Américas film festival in Austin.

The video this spot is referring to is none other but the hyper-popular La Tetita, of Peruvian child phenomenon Wendy Sulca, which as of this post had been seeing 7.911.549 times.

The message is hilarious. Still this blogger still thinks the best was their first campaign, featuring some of Latin America’s most colorful politicians.

What do YOU think?

Click here to watch the entire other spots for the 2012 campaign and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Latinas to Shine in Primetime [As Maids, of Course]

Not long ago, this was only a dream. But now the dream has come true!

Famed TV producer Marc Cherry is finally working on the pilot for Devious Maids, which will follow the “adventures” of four Latina housekeepers in Beverly Hills.

Devious Maids is based on the Televisa sitcom La alegría del hogar, but the gringo version is sure to feature a group of well-proportioned Latina housekeepers who speak with a heavy accented, though grammatically correct, English.

And guess who will producing the thing? Why, my favorite Latina ever! The multi-talented Eva Longoria (aka La Prieta Faya)

This blogger cannot wait to see what these ladies’ “adventures” will be all about, but I can only hope the show will touch on some of the hot-button issues: Earning the minimum wage; working 80 hours a week; getting by without health insurance and living in constant fear of deportation.

You Don’t Need to Dress Like This to Get Ahead

In the latest celebrity/fashion trend, weather woman extraordinaire Jackie Guerrido has launched her own line of jeans, which according to MTVtr3′ Blogamole:

“… are designed for every occasion and for women like me, who work every day to get ahead.”

I think that’s just fantastic, especially because I always thought that to get ahead like Ms. Guerrido you actually had to favor big cleavages, high-heels and very short skirts.

So thanks for the heads up, Jackie… As a woman who works every day to get ahead, I’m just going to slip on my jeans and continue to make things happen! Perhaps a job at Univision is in my near future.

¡Órale! ‘The New York Times’ Wants You to Believe “Ora” is Spanish for “Now”

Carlos Slim is so rich that he is buying Larry King and putting him on the Internet.

Yea, Mexico’s super-archi-recontra-billionaire is the guy behind Ora.TV, an Internet venture that is set “to create high-quality video content on phones, laptops, tablets and connected televisions.”

So far so good, but for some strange reason, The New York Times and several other media are saying -with a straight face- that the word Ora translates to “now” in Spanish and Italian….”  

I’m sorry, but somebody got Mr. Slim all wrong. As a fellow Mexican, I’m sure the reporters asked him some question, and he replied with a typical “¡ora, ora! ¡no me pregunten esas cosas!” or some stuff like that.

So worry no more, Mr. Slim. I will help you get the record straight on this side of the border. So perhaps in exchange you can get Mi blog es tu blog a little part on your network?  I’d call it the ¡Órale! network.

Awesome Mexican Stuff For Sale on

As soon as revealed this week a list of some of the filthiest items still on sale at, this blogger promptly scourged the site for a peak at some Mexican-themed products -filthy or not.

Here are some of the awesome (non-filthy) things I found:

-A $38.20 “Mexican Boy Set” by Dress Up America

-A $28 “Mexican Girl Set” (cheaper than the boy, of course) also by Dress Up America

-A $19.95 wall clock featuring guitars, mariachis and pyramids

-A $147.45 Marella Mexican sombrero-themed pasta pack

-A $9.80 Mexican chile Yogi Tea

And these are only a few under the Mexican category… Don’t get me started on “Hispanic” merchandise.

Sadly, McDonald’s Denies Being Behind Awesome Stop & Frisk Meal Giveaway

UPDATE: Predictably (i.e. sadly) McDonald’s denied being behind this awesome idea. This blogger continues to urge the NYPD to launch such an effort and include Mexican fare in their meal offering (I mean, in case the stopped and frisked happen to be Latinos.)

Oh, how I wished this was true!

In a move to show the world the ridiculousness of racial profiling African-Americans, a website claiming to be associated with McDonald’s has launched the Three Strikes, You’re In!, a program that “rewards New Yorkers for their patience with the “Stop and Frisk” policy.”

Per a release:

[…] Individuals who are stopped and released three times without charge are eligible for one Happy Meal™ at participating McDonald’s stores. To receive their Happy Meal™, customers must record each stopping officer’s badge number, as well as the the time and location of the stop, on a voucher obtainable at these stores.

This “effort” is too ridiculous (and brilliant) to be true. However, this blogger thinks it’s actually not a bad idea at all. And given the fact that many victims of NYPD’s Stop & Frisk program are also Hispanics, I would like to encourage the NYPD to put it into place and actually expand their meal offering to include Chipotle or Taco Bell. (I’m sure many of my fellow Latinos would looooove to be given the option of a free burrito or a free torta.)

Tonight is ‘Noche Latina’ Over at the Éne-Bé-A [NBA]

March 1st is the kick off date for this year’s NBA’s Noche Latina, a program launched a few years ago by the NBA, ahem, the éne-bé-a to “celebrate the growing support of NBA fans and players across Latin America and U.S. Hispanic communities.”

What this means basically is that players get to wear super awesome jerseys that say “Los Lakers,” “Los Spurs” or “El Heat,” instead of their boring counterparts: The Lakers, The Spurs, The Heat.

I am not much of a basketball fan but I’d be extremely happy if the éne-bé-a were to send me a medium-sized “Los Knicks” jersey. Thank you very much for your cooperation.