Just Say ‘Gracias’ and Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Gracias, Jesús
Gracias, Jesús

This blogger will be taking some time off to embark on a food and drink rampage spiritual retreat to plan for the year ahead and thank my paisanos for all the hard work and for enduring stuff like this and this on a daily basis.

As for this blogger, she’s officially kicking off the GUAJOLOTE-REYES marathon, which runs from Nov. 25th and all the güey through January 6, 2015.

Ayotzinapa in New York City II: Mexicans Say ‘Basta’

Where are they?
Where are they?

NEW YORK — Battling freezing temperatures, paisanos walked the streets of New York City on Nov. 20, 2014 to demand –yet again– answers about the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala, Guerrero on September 26. This time the march kicked off at the Mexican Consulate on 39th street and moved East to the United Nations Headquarters. I was there with them and the vibe was just incredible.

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Oh, and it was not the first time. Click here to see some images from the Nov. 9, 2014 march.

In Ongoing Effort to Desecrate Mexican Food, Taco Bell Preps ‘Dipping Tacos’

¡Dios mío!
¡Dios mío!

And just when you thought tacos couldn’t be any more violated… Taco Bell says it is already working on its next concoction: The “dipping” taco, which is expected to hit stores just in time for the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution: November 20.

Out of respect for my people (i.e. The Mexicans) –and other taco-lovers out there– I will refrain from describing this thing. Suffice to say: I’ll pass.

This is What a Mexican Clinic Did to your Babies Born in 1974

'Fuimos cambiados al nacer'
Yes, this is an actual print promotion of the ‘Cambiados al nacer’ initiative

From the “Only in Mexico” and “Not The Onion” archives, comes Cambiados al nacer (Switched at Birth,) an initiative launched by a group of citizens in Toluca, Mexico, informing people born between July 23 and 24, 1974 that they might have been given to the wrong set of parents.

So far, the Facebook page of Cambiados al nacer has a mere 418 followers, but heck, they even got a story in a local newspaper, aptly titled: Se equivocó la cigüeña (The Stork Made a Mistake.)

I personally find this very amusing, mostly because I was not born in Toluca in 1974, but if you did, you should be worried. Very. Worried.

Hat tip: @Oscargutiez


This Pot is Ideal to Cook ‘Hispanic Food’ -Whatever that Means


The folks over at Cinsa know too well that “Hispanic Food” is a thing on this side of the continent; no matter most of us (the so-called Hispanic people) have absolutely no idea what “Hispanic food” means.

In any case, if you feel the need to be enlightened about what “Hispanic food” means in the U.S., go here, here and –of course– here.

Hat tip: @LatinoRebels

Mexicans in New York are Also Tired –and Pissed– about Ayotzinapa

My assignment was to remember Jonás Trujillo González, a native of la Costa Grande del Ticuí, presumably murdered on the night of September 26, 2014. Nice to meet you, ‘Beni’

I wish I had something funny to say about what’s happening in Mexico these days. But I can’t. Nobody can. This has got to be the one time in which this blog has had to put on a sad face.

Mexicans today organized a non-violent, beautiful event in New York City that served not only to express rage at Mexico’s failed state, but -more importantly- to remember each and one of the 43 students murdered in Guerrero. Thanks to organizers like Emilio Montez and Lorena Patiño I was given the opportunity to spend some time getting to know Jonás Trujillo Gonzalez (aka Beni), a native of la Costa Grande del Ticuí, and one of Ayotzinapa’s 43 “missing” students.

I have no idea where Beni is right now, but I’m sure he is in a better place than he was on September 26.

Here are some photos I took today in Union Square. Feel free to steal, copy, paste, share, spread, etc.

WARNING: Photography is not really my thing, so please bear with me.

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For references, read the following articles.

Drug Gang Killed Students, Mexican Law Official Says NYT

A test of Peña Nieto’s mettleThe Economist.

Le président mexicain part vers l’Asie en laissant un pays en colèreLibération



Are You Guys Ready for Liquid Doritos? I Know I’m NOT

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.38.00 PM

What do you get when you combine a bag of Doritos with a can of Mountain Dew?

Answer: The perfect post for this blog.

According to regular CNET (which is not CNET en Español) students at Kent State University recently had the opportunity to “Do the Dewitos,” which is nothing but a weird mix of Mountain Dew flavor and Doritos.

I’m not entirely sure about the veracity of this thing, but heck anything, I repeat,
A-N-Y-T-H-I-NG, is better than this thing.

Via: CNET (h/t: @gabosama)


Attention, Architects: Here’s Your Chance to Add some Diversity to your Next Project

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.27.41 PM

I know squat about architecture, but apparently when it comes to architectural renderings, there is –surprise, surprise!– a serious lack of diversity, with most projects using white folks as renderings to represent people in, say, a Mexican supermarket or a Colombian coffee shop.

With that in mind, a group Latin Americans set out to create Escalalatina, an image bank, which aims to provide a way for Latin American architects to fill their renders with images of “real Latinos,” so that next time you see a model of, say, a shopping mall, instead of seeing a very white person, you could actually insert a masked wrestler, Emiliano Zapata or even Cuauhtémoc Blanco (notwithstanding the whiteness of his name) because you know you always bump into those people in the mall.

Heck, you can even go for this AWESOME ice-cream vendor:

heladosvia: Arch Daily