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10 Things to Avoid to Stay Salmonella-Free

Now that the U.S. government says it found the real source of salmonella (yes, again), this time in Mexican Serrano peppers, I decided to compile a list of extremely dangerous Mexican things you’d better stay away from if you seriously care … Continue reading

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Would Immigrants Kindly Get the Hell Out of Here?

Say adieu to mean anti-immigration rhetoric. U.S. government officials are ready to implement “Operation Scheduled Departure,” a program set to debut August 5 that will allow illegal immigrants to turn themselves in for deportation without the threat of going to … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City Rewards Dieters With Bad Food

Call me crazy, but I think something is very wrong with the Mayor of Oklahoma City. In an effort to reward citizens who lose weight under the city’s OKC Million massive diet plan, the Mayor is offering dieters a free … Continue reading

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And Now… a Culturally Relevant Padlock!

Hispanic marketing is a wonderful thing. Wordlock(R) Inc., a company you’ve never heard of, this week announced the launch of a “culturally relevant” lock; one that embraces “cultural diversity” by introducing the industry’s first combination Spanish-language padlock. Instead of using ABCDEF … Continue reading

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Chávez Goes to Spain; Gets Royal Gift

Well, I guess it’s all water under the bridge now. Not only the King of Spain this week received Hugo Chávez at the Royal Family’s summer retreat in Mallorca, but he was witty enough to give him a “¿Por qué … Continue reading

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This is What Salma Hayek Was Up to Before Dating Gazillionaires

Translation: “I am Little Red Riding Hood, and I’m off to see my granny. I will buy her a hamburger; I will bring her to Burger Boy.” (Who the heck is the man in the cape, anyway?) Hat tip to … Continue reading

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Mozilla Launches Search for Mexican Logo

The folks at Mozilla Mexico are looking for a logo, and they are calling on local designers to submit their proposals. Being a fan of both, Mozilla and Mexican creativity, I decided to take a peek at some of the … Continue reading

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