In an Absolut World…

In a perfect world, our loved ones wouldn’t die leaving us terribly saddened and alone. But in an “Absolut World,” wonderful things can happen, including getting the U.S.-Mexico border straight once and for all. (This print ad was taken from the current issue of Quién magazine, in Mexico City.)


Wanna Look Like This Guy? Drink Lots of Milk


I don’t care too much for milk but if hottie Enrique Iglesias asked me to take three glasses a day, I might very well do so. Iglesias is the latest celebrity to appear on to encourage Hispanic teens to drink his the liquid everyday.

A press release tells us that “Enrique understands the importance of being in tip-top shape in order to keep up with his busy schedule. That’s why he includes milk in his healthy diet.”

Little do they tell us though when we’ll get to see him wearing a creamy moustache around that delicious mouth of his.

‘People’ Doesn’t Think I’m Influential Enough


Almost a year after I expressed my disappointment about not making it to People en Español’s 50 Most Beautiful Latinos, the Time Inc. title has found yet one more way to disappoint me: I am not happy to report that I didn’t make it either to this year’s 15 Most Influential Hispanics.

This year’s list includes some influential people you’ve probably never heard of, including Luis Balaguer, María López Alvarez, Carla Estrada and Lillian Rodríguez.

Luckily for me, absent from the list are Penélope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Thalía and Eva Longoria, so I guess I’m being considered for this year’s Bellos.

Cross your fingers!!!!