1983 vs. 2012: Watch the Evolution of the Mexican ‘Negrito’

If you have ever been to Mexico, chances are you’ve eaten or at least seen a Negrito, an ubiquitous chocolate sweet produced by Mexican food giant Grupo Bimbo and sold pretty much in every tiendita around the country.

I ate one as recently as last month, and while the taste has not changed a great deal, its advertising has.


13 thoughts on “1983 vs. 2012: Watch the Evolution of the Mexican ‘Negrito’

  1. And your point after all these examples of marketing over 30 years is? I mean, nobody in Mexico will see it “politically incorrect”, to say the least… Pretty much like the “Memín Pinguín” commemorative postage stamps about 10 years ago, which caused a big commotion in the US, while nobody in Mexico gave it much attention, except, maybe, for the reaction it provoked in America.

  2. In Mexico they see it from a different perspective. Kind of how children do things that may seem wrong to others but, because of their inocence, its done without malice. The african slave trafficking was virtually unexistant in Mexico back in the days of the Spanish colony so none of this “Black revolution” movement occured like it did in the US with Martin Luther King. We all enjoy Negrito bimbo here in Mexico, its not politically incorrect.

    1. Typical, you don’t know your own history. This is the problem in Mexico, Your education system is horrific. You don’t about Yanga? You don’t know who Vicente Guerrero was? It is said that Mexicans are among the least read people on the planet.

      You are correct with your analogy about children. But the difference is that the society oftentimes consentir it’s people, and like a child that does something wrong, the child does not care because the child is self-centered and has low emotional maturity which is normal…for a child. But why do the adults there behave this way?

      It is politcally incorrect,but the people do not care if they offend other people.

      1. I didn’t know about Yanga. Or that Vicente Guerrero was of African descent. It is not in our textbooks, I dont remember being taught about that. However, defending 1 thing and now you become the racist. Generalization is Racism. “Your education system is horrific” YOURS TOO. You know history from the winners perspective. Research that. Research about the Alamo and how different it is thought to us in Mexico, kids in Mexico can do Math, kids in the US can barely read. So do not insult to get your point across. There is still racism in Mexico but not against blacks, there’s an opresive system against Indigenous people. I think our history diverts so much, you were colonized, we were conquered. We cannot keep comparing history to see who’s more offended. We don’t ask for reparations from the Spaniards that killed millions of our ancestors. I think the point of this “negrito” debate was to explain that in Mexico is not seen as demeaning, the shared consciousness of the word doesn’t even click. I’ve lived in San Diego, CA for 15 years and I still dont understand why they removed the Aztec mascot. I come from Aztecs, I wasnt offended. I actually thought it was pretty cool that they featured a warrior and it represents a university. But what do I know Im only of Aztec descent. (And Spanish, and Lebanese) I would go crazy with how racists are in the US against middle easterners… but thats a whole’nother can of worms.

    2. Totally agree with u Carlo….we in Mexico see this this things from a different perspective… USA is a country with sooo many fears…..

    1. I totally agree with carlo….we, in Mexico see it form a different perspective…. nobody care about this, nobody feels offended…. USA is a country with so many fears, but because the slavery time back then…Digo, yo nomas digo !!

      1. If you think that Mexicans are blind to their mistreatment and racial biases towards Black and Indigenous people then you are lying to yourself. You’re telling me grown ass adults created this logo, submitted it for approval and not one thought to themselves, “Oh, this is pretty racist.” Mexicans, not all but many, have a tendency to glorify white skin and look down upon darker skin due to colonization. I love mi gente but this was not just an ‘innocent’ creation like Carlo’s claims. They knew it was malicious and harmful but yet they still created it. If it really wasn’t, then why did they change it?

    2. I understand this question is 8 years old but they changed the name to Nito because they changed the Logo to not be super offensive but still wanted part of the original name, so they changed it to Nito.
      Honestly, I liked the name Bimbolete better it still has a special place in my heart. ❤

  3. Well….I couldn’t see any commercial…. what’s the big deal about Bimbo and the Negritos????

    1. Bimbo is now an international company that markets it’s products to countries where the word “negro” is offensive or discrimative to many people living there. Therefore the change to the name “Nito which has no racial meaning in these countries and has a reminiscence of what negrito was once in Mexico.

      1. Similar to the Panamanian reggaton singer “Flex” whose stage name in his home country is an taboo term for Afrodescended people in most of the rest of the world.

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