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Looking for a Place to Fix Your Latino Computer?

In an increasingly Latinoized USA, we have seen (and this blog has dutifully documented) the birth of the Hispanic cheese; the deliciously weird tortilla-flavored chocolates; the Mexican Coca-Cola and even a Hispanic lettuce to go with your Hispanic tuna and your Hispanic mayonnaise. So it was just … Continue reading

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Hispanic Cheaters are not as Bad as Regular Cheaters

Hispanic men and women who cheat on their wives and husbands are not really disgusting pigs. ¡No, señor! According to the authority in established cheating, Ashley Madison: “Hispanic men and women who cheat on their spouses are more monogamous in … Continue reading

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Pivotal PR Thinks this Press Release is in Spanish

UPDATE: Nicole Wool, a publicist for Allison Pescosolido, sent me an email explaining what had happened with the Spanish-language pitch on behalf of her client. You can scroll down to the end of this post to read her email (unedited.)  … Continue reading

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Why Legalizing Pot Could Boost Hispanic Employment

As Washington prepares for the inevitable (i.e. legalizing pot in several states), another groundbreaking discovery is about to take place: That those experienced with rolling delicious tacos might be in for some new, exciting employment opportunities. Think the cigar-rolling Dominicans in this … Continue reading

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Amazon Wants you to Have a Mexican Merry Christmas

As soon as I learned that Amazon was partnering with JibJab to release customizable video gift cards, I visited the online retailer to create my very own customizable video gift card. To my surprise, I found the company offers a multicultural … Continue reading

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Univision Journalist Pays Awkward Homage to Don Francisco

The celebrations around the 50th anniversary of Sábado Gigante have included everything, from a one-on-one interview with this blogger in Queens, to an October 27th telecast that registered over 7 million total viewers. But none of these festivities comes close to … Continue reading

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The 2012 Election on my Facebook Timeline

One of the best things about being silly, is that you tend to attract similar characters to your life (or, in this case, to your Facebook timeline, which is basically the same.) Here’s a taste of what my stupid creative Facebook … Continue reading

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