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Jesus Goes for a “Wok” in East Harlem

Speaking of the Mexicanness of Jesus… He also lives in El Barrio. Photo: Laura Martínez. East Harlem

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Oh, Nueva York! How I Love You! 

 Mexicans in the USA: Bringing you more interesting lunch choices. You are welcome. 


Captain Mexico Has Had it with Donald Trump

Meet Erik López (aka Captain Mexico) my people’s new Superhero, who came to this year’s Comic Con very well equipped to take on our archenemy: El Trumpo, of course. “I love Marvel and Captain America, but there are no famed Latino superheroes,” 32-year-old López told … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know you, but I’ll be Meeting with La Migra in April

Awww, New York City! — home of Mariachi Santas, Dominican sushi and life-size cardboard mariachis — is now proud to introduce you to La Migra, a Mexico-based norteño band that promises to rock your world on Friday April 8 in The Bronx. According to a promo that has been plastered all over … Continue reading

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The Bernie Sanders Corrido Will Have you Feel ‘El Quemazón’

What better way to show your love for Bernie Sanders than writing a song about feeling the burn … in Spanish? That’s exactly what Grupo La Meta has done. The Mexican-American band from Modesto, California, has written El Quemazón, an homage … Continue reading

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President Obama Does Latin America; Has more Fun than you

After a historic visit to Cuba, where he posed next to El Ché, learned how to salsa, sipped mojitos and smoked cigars, President Barack Obama this week made his way to Argentina, his first official visit to the South American country. Barely hours after the Air … Continue reading

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OK, ‘New York Post’ You Win Today: Clap, Clap, Clap

I’m even willing to overlook that CHE sans accent but OK

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Mexicans Will Pay for Trump’s Wall Because Everyone Loves Paying for Sh*it they Don’t Want

Over the weekend, HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver decided to break down Donald Drumpf’s border wall plan, an idea which he likens to getting a pet walrus: “You think it’s stupid now—wait until you learn what a bucket of sea cucumbers costs. You’re not prepared … Continue reading

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Obama Talks to Pánfilo: It’s not Que Bolá, It’s Qué Bolá. Qué Lío

Oh yes! Before his historic (and hysterical) trip to Havana, Cuba, President Obama called Luis Silvia (aka Pánfilo), a retired, not-too-bright Cuban man who plays a (subtle) satire of how Cuban people often have to use their wits to escape the poverty and absurdity of life … Continue reading

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Obama Goes to Cuba; Cubans Brace for the Dunkin’ Donuts Cuban Sandwich

It’s all over now. President Barack Obama is set to arrive Sunday, March 20 in Cuba, marking the first time a sitting U.S. president visits the island in nearly 90 years. And this, my friends, only means one thing. It means the … Continue reading

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Waldenbuch-Based Ritter Sport Introduces Tortilla Chips Chocolate Because Why the Hell Not?

I have never been to Waldenbuch, Germany, but I’m sure it’s a city teeming with creative people thinking out of the German box. Take the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, which is pulling all its marketing strings to pitch its latest … Continue reading

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¡Gracias, Boston! It’s Only March 18, but the Cinco de Mayo Nonsense Is already here

Tired of bashing the Drumpf piñata or getting drunk on green stuff to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Worry no more! Cinco de Mayo — and all the nonsense that comes with it — is just around the corner, and this blogger will be right here … Continue reading

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Univision Launches Dolls Inspired by Univision’s Latin Beauty Pageant, because Univision

Move over, Mexican Barbie! Here come Nuestra Belleza Latina-inspired dolls, Univision’s latest marketing effort to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its very own Latin beauty pageant. The six dolls — Dulce, Yaritza, Sol, Niki, Odalys and Paola —have all been inspired by the “diverse and compelling … Continue reading

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Trump Rally in Chicago Erupts in Violence, Because the Mexicans

According to several fair and balanced TV reports, a group of “Hispanics [SIC] in flags and Mexican sombreros” were spotted during Friday night’s chaotic Drumpf rally chanting We stopped Drumpf, We stopped Drumpf! And that, my friends, only proves one very … Continue reading

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Got the Trump Blues? Drown your Sorrows Away at the Barackawama

From the always popular “Mexicans: How can anybody not like us?” series, I give you Barackawama, a real bar in the unassuming town of Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero. It is so real, it even has a Facebook page, so be kind and … Continue reading

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