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You Guys! I found a Mexican Taquero in Greece! [Almost]

He does look like a taquero, though…

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Asian-Mexican Fusion Food in Greece Looks Like This…

Buddha, mushrooms, cactai, sombrero…. What could possibly go wrong? ¡Ajúa! Photo: Laura Martínez, Eressos, Lesvos (2015)

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Univision to Donald Trump: ‘Hasta la Vista, Baby!’

Well, that was fast. Barely five months after Donald Trump announced he was dumping Telemundo to join forces with Univision for the Miss Universe pageant, the Hispanic media giant decided it was just too much to partner with such a … Continue reading

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Need to Market Wine to Hispanics? Use a ‘Culo,’ and you’ll Be Fine

Hat tip: Betti Ortega

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The Donald Trump Piñata Is not Full of Candy; it’s Full of Sh*t

 Alas, this one is not full of candy; it’s full of shit.


Americans Can Now Enjoy ‘Xochimilco’ from the Comfort of Cancún

It is not a secret that Americans love Latin America — especially if they can enjoy an entire continent while avoiding the annoyances and perils of actually going there. Enter Xochimilco-Cancún, a smaller-scale recreation of the original Xochimilco, the famed floating garden in Mexico City, that caters to Cancún … Continue reading

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Trump Runs for President; Insults Mexicans. What Else Is New?

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Jeb Bush Can Tell if Someone Hails from Colombia, Not Columbia; Has Wife Named Columba

It is not a huge secret that Jeb Bush has a pretty decent command of the Spanish language. And now, thanks to the New York Times, we also know he’s also good at guessing the Latin American country where a person is from based … Continue reading

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This Mexican Astronaut Wants to be President of Mexico. Here’s Why He Should Win

Rodolfo Neri Vela is not only the first — and only — Mexican to have flown aboard a NASA Space Shuttle mission in 1985. More importantly he is the guy who gladly accepted to autograph a dirty napkin — upon his return to … Continue reading

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In Ongoing Effort to Desecrate Tacos, Americans Invent the Taco Takeover Game

As if Taco Bell’s efforts to sell your children “make-believe” Mexican food weren’t enough, some genius has come up with the Taco Takeover board game, a “fun-filled” game that will make sure your children grow up with a twisted idea of what my people (i.e. The Mexicans) really … Continue reading

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Yes, America’s Got [Mariachi] Talent

Meet Alondra Santos, the adorable 13-year-old Mexican singer, who claims to have inherited her love of music from — who else? — her abuela. Watch little Alondra as she dazzles the judges, as her entire familia cheers on backstage… ¡Ajúa!

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Netflix Adds Univision, and that Means One thing…

…. Soraya is BAAAAAAAACK! Per a Univision press release: Netflix will now offer many hours of some of the most beloved and highly-rated shows from the Univision classics such as Teresa, Maria la del Barrio, Lo Que La Vida Me … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Surreal Midterm Elections in a Few Images

Valentín González: The guy with the Batmobile… Paul Ospital Carrera: The PRI candidate with a well-placed message… Temo: The guy who walked with The Beatles… Mauriano Muñoz Nava: The guy who wants you to f*ing vote for him… And last, but not … Continue reading

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Mayor De Blasio Appoints Dora the Explorer Ambassador to NYC… Because Nueva York

Remember when Dora the Explorer was on her way to become Dora the Stripper? Well, worry no more. The adorable bilingual heroine Dora the Explorer has been appointed New York City’s “family ambassador,” as part of a new tourism campaign in both … Continue reading

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Candy Tacos: Because Absurdity Knows no Limits

Remember the Taco Purse? And how about the Taco Toaster? So get ready for the newest member of the ATMT (Absurd Taco Madness Trend:) Candy Tacos, a concoction made of a rice krispies shell filled with shredded coconut (the lettuce and cheese), crumbled … Continue reading

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