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Fox News Latino Wants Your Help in Naming a Hispanic Only Political Party

Fox News Latino, the bastion of fair-and-balanced journalism (LOL) is asking readers of its hot & spicy new Web site to help them name a political party should Latinos were to form their own party. Should it be the Salsa … Continue reading

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Coño! I’ll Never Become a Teacher in NYC

I have found yet another reason why a school will never hire me to teach anything…. anywhere. According to the AP, Carlos Garcia, a New York City high-school teacher, has been suspended and fined with $15,000 for what school officials … Continue reading

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Jehova’s Witnesses Want Us to Move to Canada

I’m all up for tolerance, freedom of religion and all that stuff. But being woken up before noon on a Sunday by a group of Spanish-speaking Jehova’s witnesses has got to be sin, no matter where you live. However, as … Continue reading

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Watch it, Mr. Arpaio! Here Comes Anya Corazón

No matter how many superheroes join the anti-immigrant cause, we (i.e. fearless Latinos) can always count on a new muchacha in town, who will kick the ass of immigrant haters… should that be necessary. Meet the new Spider Girl -aka … Continue reading

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Is Your Anti-Immigration Policy Not Working? Just Call a Superhero

Lou Ferrigno has joined Joe Arpaio’s anti-immigrant fight. According to Reuters: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Ferrigno, 59, a body builder who donned green makeup to star in the popular 1970s television series ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ was among 56 … Continue reading

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Kahlúa Makes Spanish ‘Intreeeging’ and Delicioso

Kahlúa has a hilarious new campaign out featuring veracruzana Ana de la Reguera, informing gringos about several important truths, including the fact that “Here in Veracruz we speak Spanish mostly because it’s the language that we speak.” LOL. Watch Ana … Continue reading

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Threatened by Dangerous-Looking Latinos? Just Call Jimmy John’s and Order a Sandwich

Next time your car breaks down in a Latino neighborhood, all you have to do is call the folks at Jimmy John’s. Not only they will deliver your sandwich right on the spot, but they will make sure to send … Continue reading

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