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Eva Luna’s Secret is Out: Pizzas, Phones and Cars

SPOILER ALERT: Attention, telenovela fans, if you prefer to be pleasantly surprised Monday night, please don’t read this post. Turns out the “secret” behind Univision’s much-hyped upcoming Eva Luna is finally out: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the telenovela, which … Continue reading

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Piolín Gives Obama Wide Range of Topics to Discuss

You can say anything you want about Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo, but the guy sure knows how to interview a president. The influential radio personality (and former undocumented Mexican) kicked off  a one-on-one interview with Barack Obama this Monday by offering … Continue reading

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Hey! I Got No Music, Nor Fireworks When I Came In

Louisiana Senator David Vitter does not like his opponent, Charlie Melancon, apparently because he gave us (the Mexicans) a warm welcome in this country, greeting us with marching bands, fireworks, balloons and even a stretch limo. This is bogus, man! … Continue reading

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The Astrologer Formerly Known as Walter Mercado Now Wants You to Call Him Shanti Ananda

I am sure you are too busy these days to take notice of real important news, so allow me to fill you in on a major development. Starting today, you might want to refer to the famous Puerto Rican astrologer, … Continue reading

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Eva Longoria Wants You to Know She is “Laa-ahatin”

This blog’s favorite retro-acculturated Latina (aka La Prieta Faya) is rapping to let us know she is the queen, she is the host and any-time-she-wants-she-can-order-French-toast…

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¡Ajúa! Carly Fiorina Thinks Every Speech Should Start With a Shot of Tequila…

Attention, California Hispanics: If you still need a reason to vote Republican this November -and give your children an extraordinary lesson on politics- you might want to consider Carly Fiorina. The Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate is so close … Continue reading

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Unbelievable But True: Inés Sainz Sets Journalistic Goals for Herself [Sort of]

Mexican playmate-guanabee sports reporter Inés Sainz was so traumatized about her infamous “incident” last month at the NFL locker room that she has decided to set herself some “ground rules” in order to go back to work. First order of … Continue reading

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I Guess I Won’t Get a Job at Fox News Any Time Soon

Well, it looks like my job prospects in New York City are rapidly shrinking, with the recently launched Fox News Latino joining the list of Places-That-Will-Never-Hire-Laura-Martinez. But, oh, did I have fun last night hanging out with the Russians! Click … Continue reading

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Fox News Latino Launches Today, Featuring ‘Caliente’ News and Fiery Font Logo

I always knew the folks over at Fox News Latino would raise the information bar, by bringing us news items that truly appeal to U.S. Hispanics. Take Doctor Manny Alvarez, one of this blogger’s favorite authors and the one who … Continue reading

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Vicente Fox Wants You to Believe Borges Was a Nobel Laureate… [Psst! He Wasn’t]

Of course, this was not the first time Mexico’s “beloved” -and virtually illiterate- former president made a mistake of the literary nature. But at least before he was busy saying stupid things on TV, that we didn’t have to be … Continue reading

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Rubio Wants English-Only Policies. Yet, Finds Spanish Convenient to Pander to Hispanics

Florida’s GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio has taken any chance possible to say that English should be the official language of the United States. He is also well known for his hard line rhetoric against immigration. Yet, when it comes … Continue reading

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Don Francisco Joins Fidel Castro in World of Fake Death News Stories

Latin Gossip was quick to let us know that despite who-know-whose Twitter account, he is alive and kicking. Just like Fidel! ¡No asusten de esa manera!

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The Fighter and the Groupie, Ahem, Journalist

So this is what happens when very serious journalists (like myself) meet in person with their subject matters -and sources. Oscar de la Hoya received a Lifetime of Achievement in Hispanic Television by Multichannel News and Broadcasting and Cable and … Continue reading

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