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Out on a Mexican Immersion Tour

Hi everybody! Time has come for this blogger to take a well-deserved vacation… in Mexico, of course! where else? So starting today (Dec. 27) and until way past the Reyes Magos festivities (and if the migra doesn’t get difficult) I … Continue reading


One Tamal, Two Tamales: Setting the Record Straight

A tamal (from Nahuatl tamalli, plural tamales) As a Mexican immigrant in this country, I truly appreciate the efforts of the so-called “general population” to embrace the so-called Latino culture (chips and salsa, burritos, chimichangas, tortillas, tequila, etc.) But a … Continue reading

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The Christmas Gift You’ve Been Waiting For!

Meet Mexican Santa. And this is no joke, but a real figurine for sale at Feliz Navidad, a Sedona, Arizona Christmas specialty store. Ok, I’ll forgive them, not only because of the holidays and all that stuff, but because the … Continue reading

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Hispanics Don’t Know Anything About Winter

I just love it when marketers use real “Hispanic insights” to sell us stuff, any kind of stuff, including eye-care products during the winter months. Take Transitions Optical Inc., which today put out the following press release to inform us … Continue reading

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Virgin Mary Picks Univision for Latest Apparition

A Greenville, Wisconsin family is living proof that miracles do happen when you watch Univision. The local ABC affiliate in Green Bay is reporting that the Timayo family was happily watching El Show the Cristina on Monday night when, at … Continue reading

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When There’s a Will… There’s Choco Milk

There’s nothing much to say about this, except that Mexicans have not lost their ever poetic way of interpreting things. This photo was sent to me by a friend, but he acknowledges he didn’t take it; so if the rightful … Continue reading

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Wanted: 1,000 Suckers to Pay $2,500 for a Bottle of Tequila

And speaking of alcoholic beverages and gringos who love to exploit everything that remotely sounds Mexican or Latino, a Texas entrepreneur has launched Dos Lunas Grand Reserve, a 10-year-old tequila that sells for “only” $2,500 a bottle. But don’t get … Continue reading

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