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Mexican Reporter Goes to Flood Area, Asks Locals to be Carried to Avoid Water. Hilarity Ensues

A reporter in Mexico went to cover massive floods happening in Puebla, and was caught by another reporter being carried by the locals, obviously in an effort to, well, not get wet. The original tweet (below) from reporter José Daniel Hernández simply read: “How embarrassing! @LydiaCumming, … Continue reading

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Going to Vegas? Look out for a Trio of Latina Swindlers

It took me a while to realize this was not an ad touting the latest Latina-escort service, but a regular daytime TV commercial to entice you to Visit Las Vegas. Watch as a trio of apparently-innocent señoritas set out to trick a bunch of gringos into believing … Continue reading

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360 Camera Is so Great, It Will Let you Spot Mariachis Sneaking through the U.S. Border

360fly Inc. has decided to launch a “provocative” ad campaign to pitch a camera that promises to give you a broader perspective of life. To that end the company crafted what it’s supposed to be a satire of Donald Trump and his anti-Mexican … Continue reading

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The Upcoming New York City Floating Taco and Tequila Festival Proves the Apocalypse Is Near

Got $28 and a penchant for eating tacos and drinking tequila while on a cruise ship? If so, head to New York City on July 9 for the T&T, a “Floating Food Festival” where you’ll be treated with, well, tacos, tequila and — very … Continue reading

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Today in Mexican to English Translations…

I can only hope Fiesta Inn Hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico pays its employees well enough to go Google Translate stuff. For the gringos, you know? Hat tip: Roberto Morán

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Everything is Better in Spanish, Including ‘Orange Is the New Black’ [Feat. Soraya Montenegro]

The rumors were true — and the wait is over. Soraya Montenegro, the evil stepmother of Mexican telenovela María la del Barrio, has finally ended up where she belongs: In prison. More specifically, Litchfield Penitentiary. ¡Sí, señor! Montenegro (played many years ago … Continue reading

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A Taste of Mexico for Less than £2

Aren’t the British something? Not content with giving us the Hey Ho to Mexico gluten-free tortillas, the Brits are now peddling Mexicana Slices… slices of cheddar with spicy bell and jalapeño chilli peppers. For a mere £11.50 per kilogram, these … Continue reading

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Crowdfunded Nuni Toaster Wants you to Believe Tortillas Need to be Toasted [They Don’t]

If you thought Flatev was a stupid tortilla-related, crowdfunded project, wait until you see Nuni, a “revolutionary” Indiegogo project that promises to give us “the world’s first tortilla toaster,” which is basically a toaster-looking-gadget to, ahem, “toast” tortillas. I hate to rain on Nuni … Continue reading

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Chile Defeats Mexico 7-0 at Levi’s Stadium; Hilarity Ensues

Mexico suffered its most dramatic defeat Saturday night against Chile, losing 7-0 at the Copa América quarter finals in Levi’s Stadium in California. While many paisanos are still licking their wounds, Mexican Twitter saved the day by producing some of the best memes we’ve … Continue reading

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After Orlando, Should Mexicans Keep Chanting ‘Ehhhhhh, Puto!’ at Soccer Matches?

Don’t go on reading if you think I have the answer to the above question, but it’s one that is being asked more and more these days, especially after a deranged individual stormed a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, killing … Continue reading

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Mexican Rats Smoke Cigarettes, and are Dying From it

Let other countries use graphic images of low-weight babies, cancerous lungs or people exhaling smoke through a tracheotomy opening to show the perils of smokers. The Mexican government has decided to go a slightly different way. Mexico’s health authorities decided to bring back the image … Continue reading

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Harlem Shoe Store Proudly Peddling Pablo Escobar Gear, Because ‘Narcos’

This shoe and clothing store has been around for ages in the corner of Broadway and 150th street, but only yesterday I noticed a new addition to their offer: a bright red baseball cap featuring none other than Pablo Escobar. I have no idea … Continue reading

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‘Latinas for Trump’ Want to Trade their President for Trump –or Something

Yes, there is a group called Latinas for Trump and, yes, they like to look red hot and seriously think America can be made great again. OK, that’s great, but, as the group readies an important gathering in –where else? — South … Continue reading

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Dear Adidas: It’s Colombia, Not Columbia… ¡Carajo!

Adidas has jumped on the Columbia wagon, because, really, why not? According to numerous tweets from Colombia, not Columbia, the sports giant did the ultimate insult to the Colombian, not Columbian. There is even a Columbia Home Kit thing (whatever that … Continue reading

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This U.S. Citizenship Test Is Harder than I Thought

So help me please! Leave your answers/advice in comments section. I cannot afford to flunk this thing. 

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