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Of marketing and “Hispanic food”

Marketing is so powerful that it can turn a small, humble kind of spice into the main component of thousands (yes, thousands!) of “Hispanic foods” in the U.S. At least that is what marketers want you to believe. An article … Continue reading

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Why we love …

You might think whatever you want of Univision, but one thing is indisputable: It has perfected the art of marketing itself. Univision Communications is one of the nation’s largest buyers of Spanish-language media, promoting its properties on TV, radio and … Continue reading

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Here we go: Now it’s ‘Cinco de Mayo Barbie’

I was really hoping to ignore the “holiday” altogether, but a recent announcement by Mattel was just too good to be true. Turns out that this year the giant toy maker is launching a new -revised- version of a Cinco … Continue reading


People, pomp and circumstances…

Ok, I didn’t make it to People en Español‘s 50 Most Beautiful People issue (again!) so I might as well bitch a little bit about it … oh well, not that much. Actually, the June 2007 looks quite nice, with … Continue reading


Bloomberg goes to Mexico

Where does New York City turn to learn how to deal with lots and lots of poor people? Mexico, of course: we have a solid 50% of the population living in poverty, and one fifth living in extreme poverty, according … Continue reading

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Latinas of the world, misbehave!

Latinas, feel free to misbehave. As it turns out, our bad habits, misdeeds and pecadillos are all rooted in our traditional, patriarchal, Catholic rearing which makes us naturally submissive and subordinated to men, and therefore prone to fall into their arms no … Continue reading

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Hispanics eat gratis in Carpentersville

I love the Web and I love having a blog, because this gives me a legitimate (if somehow morbid) reason to go hunting for Latino-related stories on the Internet. And thanks to this perpetual search, I learned today that there … Continue reading


Vestida para matar

Politically correctness has finally caught up with my paisanos. So to avoid an escalating scandal, Miss Mexico will have to tone down her outfit. But wait, it’s not that the dress set to be worn by Miss Mexico in the upcoming beauty pageant … Continue reading

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Spring-break in Cuba: $65,000 per student

You gotta love U.S. foreign policy: while government officials on “business missions” are allowed to travel to Cuba without being reprimended for violating the embargo, a group of high-school students in Manhattan face a fine of $65,000 (each) for taking … Continue reading

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Spanish-language TV saved my day

  I have to thank Univision and Telemundo for saving my day today. While a fierce northeastern storm drenches the New York region since last night, both Spanish-language networks decided to honor the 50th anniversary of Pedro Infante’s death by … Continue reading

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¿Qué dijiste, JLo?

Hopeful beauty queens who have a hard time speaking Spanish should get some consolation from Bronx diva Jennifer Lopez, who this week attempted to correct the Spanish of a gringo … but ended up screwing up herself. During JLo’s special appeareance on American … Continue reading

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Gracias Míster Gingrich

As they say in my country -and in Spanish, of course!- más vale tarde, que nunca; that is: “better late than never”. Days after the U.S. Latino community blasted Newt Gingrich for saying Spanish was the language of “living in a ghetto”, the former … Continue reading

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Repeat after me: Orangután

Univision last week announced the 12-finalists who will compete in Nuestra Belleza Latina, the weekly reality show in which Latinas from all over the country compete for the title, a contract as one of Univision’s on-air personalities and a chance … Continue reading

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Acapulco en la Azotea

It is official. Mexico is a surreal country. This month, my fellow chilangos were able to enjoy the wonders of the beach (sun, sand and water included) without having to leave home. Inspired by a growing trend in the European … Continue reading

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Aztec muffins anyone?

If you thought Hispanic marketers were running out of ideas, think again: This morning, while picking up my daily coffee at the local Starbucks, I came across the “Aztec Ancho Chile Muffin.” I swear, I’m not kidding here. The suspiciously-normal looking treat … Continue reading

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