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Out on a Mexican Immersion Tour (II)

Hi everybody! Time has come -yes, again- for this blogger to take a well-deserved vacation… in Yucatán, of course! where else? So starting today (Dec. 21) and until my pesos run out, I will be somehow out of touch, hopefully … Continue reading

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Ingrid Betancourt Visits la Basílica de Guadalupe. Poses Next to a Properly Dressed Virgin

Former FARC guerrilla hostage, Ingrid Betancourt this week was in Mexico City, presumably talking about kidnapping and stuff. But also -as shown here- she took the opportunity to mingle with some Catholic church guy and to pose next to a … Continue reading


Finally. A Wrestling Match I Would Actually Attend

Wondering what to get your familia in these times of economic uncertainty? How about a front-row ticket to see some real fighting between Mexican wrestling legends and a bunch of Americans dressed as Border Patrol agents? No, people, this is no … Continue reading

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Castro and Calderón are BFF Now

Long gone are the immensely funny days of Vicente Fox asking Fidel Castro to eat and then leave (“Comes y te vas”) during the 2004 Summit of Monterrey. Those leaders’ respective successors are now like BFF, and were spotted giggling … Continue reading

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The Land of Zapatero Unveils the Wii Zapatilla

George W. Bush proved to be unusually alert -and agile- when dodging a shoe attack this week during a press conference in Iraq. Thus, Spanish blogger Polonio 210, is now proposing a new game, the Wii Zapatilla, challenging players to finally get W … Continue reading

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Kidnapping Expert Gets, Well, Kidnapped in Mexico

Life is not a tómbola. It’s just one big fat irony. Félix Batista, an American security consultant who has helped negotiate the release of dozens of kidnapping victims in Latin America, this week was kidnapped in Mexico. According to the … Continue reading

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover (nor a Writer by her Cleavage)

Enough with virgins. Let us move onto a more intellectual subject: books and the people who write them. Take Niurka Marcos, the untalented, promiscuous Cuban “actress”-turned TV host, who this week released her first book: Soy (as in “I am” not as … Continue reading

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Playboy Honors Virgin Mary by Putting Her on Cover

December 12 is one of Mexico’s most important holidays: It is the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. And what better way to honor our Santa Patrona than gracing the cover of Playboy with Virgin Mary herself? Well, sort of. … Continue reading

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It is a ‘Transcreational’ Miracle: Japanese Soccer Anime is Saved by the Virgin of Guadalupe

In marketing and advertising, the term “transcreation” is defined as “the process of using an original text as a brief for writing new copy that meets the conditions of the target audience.” So I guess that’s why Captain Tsubasa, the … Continue reading

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Cataluña Says: “Yes, he Can!”

You might not know this, but people from Cataluña have a peculiar fixation with defecating people. Thus, the popularity of the caganer, those little statues that have become a true  Christmas tradition, along with Tío de Nadal, whose droppings eventually … Continue reading

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Camels, they are Just Like Us

Here is a real good reason to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border: to stop the freaking camels from sneaking in. Yes, my friends. A couple of days ago, two camels were spotted in the border town of Ciudad … Continue reading

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Take the Challenge II: What do these Guys Do for a Living?

Inspired by the popularity of the Latin Grammy Reading challenge, I decided to serve my readers with yet one more mind-boggling defiance: Without reading the following press release twice –and based only on the following first paragraph– please answer the question: … Continue reading

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