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Movie Piracy in Mexico Is so Sophisticated, Roma is Now Available… in Color

I’m not sure if Alfonso Cuarón will get a chuckle or a heart attack over this, but this blogger is having a blast. Photo: El Gerson Maldición

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OK, France, Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous…

Move over, Taco Bell: French fast food chain Tacos King, is on its way to become this blogger’s worst make-believe-taco nightmare. I came across this establishment in the heart of Downtown Lille, and while I didn’t have the heart to … Continue reading

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Greetings from Paris, Home of the Mayonnaise au Chipotle

Awwww Paris… There is nothing like spending some quality time in the City of Lights, with its beautiful architecture, ubiquitous cafés, gorgeous boulevards… and authentic taquerías. Behold Chiquitin, the newest addition to Rue Henry Monnier (this blog’s temporary headquarters). The … Continue reading

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Proud American Sets up GoFundMe Campaign to Finance Trump’s Wall… Because Why the Hell Not?

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Trump supporter Brian Kolfage has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Trump’s border wall because “President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed … Continue reading

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This Blog’s Christmas Cards are Ready! You’re Welcome

Before you go all crazy on me, let me clarify one thing: I did not invent the above awesomeness –of course. I have been busy taking siestas, eating tacos (throwing tacos at people) and sipping tequila (I’m Mexican, remember?) to be working on … Continue reading

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This Prosecco Promises Pleasure [i.e. Sex] to Hispanic Drinkers

OK, so I’m sitting at this bar in Amsterdam, when I decided to order a Prosecco to go with my breakfast. [See? according to my very own drinking rules, Prosecco is the only alcohol I allow myself to drink before … Continue reading

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The Virgin of Guadalupe Showed up in my Dry Martini

I was not going to be the only one not finding the Virgen of Guadalupe somewhere. This beauty showed up in -where else?- my dry Martini at a swanky New York City Terrace. I was so attached to it, that … Continue reading

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Mexican Christmas Be Like…

The best part? Once you’re done with Christmas, you don’t need to throw this thing away, just chop these beauties and make tacos! Nopales not your thing? No problem!  

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