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The French Cater to U.S. Tourists With Bad Mexican Food

Looks like Parisians have found a terrific way to cater to the waves of American tourists during the summer vacations: Extend the offer of American food (hamburgers, club sandwiches) to a more multiethnic fare that now includes bad Mexican food. … Continue reading

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Televisa Wants Gringos to Get Hooked on Telenovelas, Too

Not content with having befuddled generations of Latin Americans worldwide, Grupo Televisa now wants gringos to get hooked on its nightly dramas. As it turns out, the Mexico City-based media giant is the producer behind Hollywood Heights, an English-language telenovela … Continue reading

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Is Your Home Becoming Dirtier by the Minute? ¡Cuidado! You Might be an Acculturated Latino

Clorox seems to know a thing or two about the cleaning habits of my people (i.e. Hispanics.) The company that informed us that cleaning is a “rite of passage” for Latino women, now wants you to know that such speckless … Continue reading

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MiBlog Axiom #65: ‘The Farther you Go from Latin America, the Weirder your Latin Stuff Gets’

Hard to blame the owners of this “Latin” Café in Roubaix, France, for trying to add some color to a town, which once was ground zero for France’s textile industry, and now has succumbed to high unemployment and off-track betting … Continue reading

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Even the French Know the Importance of Pocho Studies

If you happen to be in Paris and -all of a sudden- feel the itch for some good, bibliographic reference for all things Pocho, make sure to drop by the Gibert Jeune Bookstore in the heart of St. Michel. The place features … Continue reading

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Guacamole, in French, is ‘Le Guacamole’… and, for Some Reason, ‘Grande’ Becomes ‘Grandé’

This blogger was really hoping to take a break and enjoy some time off during this summer vacation. As it turns out, multicultural marketing knows no time off, nor borders  and it doesn’t cease to amaze me, no matter where … Continue reading

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This Blog Will be in Hiatus for a While, but I’m Leaving You Guys in Awesome Company

I know thousands some of you will be obsessively clicking on looking to get your daily fix of sardonic commentary about the wonderful world of Hispanic media. But you cannot have your pambazo and eat it too. This blogger is tired and needs … Continue reading

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Tecate Apologizes for Encouraging Men to Pee on Trees

After numerous complaints by anal law-abiding citizens who think public urination is not a really good thing, Tecate has decided to pull the above billboards.  See? Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the message is pretty clear: If you’re a … Continue reading

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Mundo Fox Promises to be ‘Americano’ Como Tú

Here’s the first on-air promo of the much-anticipated Mundo Fox broadcast network, expected to launch some time next Fall. I have no time for sarcastic remarks at the moment, so watch yourselves and leave a comment if you feel like!

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Google Reminds Mexicans to Get Out and Vote Today!


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