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Attention, Hispanic Worshippers; Now You Can Pray at a Hispanic Church

There is nothing like a Sunday at a Hispanic church, before enjoying a Hispanic meal complete with Hispanic mayonnaise, Hispanic tuna and a good, healthy Hispanic lettuce. Have a wonderful Hispanic Sunday! Photo: @garsiknews taken in Washington, D.C.

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CBS Changes Name of Upcoming Latino Show ‘Cause Typing an Upside Exclamation Point is a Bitch

If Fox News Latino my sources are right, CBS’ upcoming “Latino-themed sitcom” starring Rob Schneider will be changing its name to Rob! from the previous ¡Rob! because people at CBS just found it too hard to type an upside exclamation … Continue reading

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Now You Can Enjoy Latin America Without the Dangers and Annoyances of Latin America

Attention, non-Hispanic Americans: Are you afraid of being killed in Mexico? Mugged in Central America? Sickened by some deadly bug in Peru or killed by the chikungunya virus in the Caribbean? Worry no more! Thank your undocumented and documented Hispanic immigrants for the … Continue reading

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Unshocking Revelation: Rich Latin Americans Have Maids [Black, Indian, Same Difference]

It is so interesting when news of racism outside the U.S. reach the U.S., simply because it is a historically-charged, sensitive issue. The picture above -first published in HOLA! magazine, has reportedly caused some “outrage” in several media outlets, mainly … Continue reading

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Will You Help Me -and Burro Hall- Raise Some Money to Buy

Dear friends, followers and supporters: This blogger is hereby joining forces with Burro Hall to make a bid for the “valuable assets” of the soon-to-be-doomed Americans for [sic] Legal Immigration organization, which, as we sadly learned today, is heading towards bankruptcy. Per … Continue reading

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