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Stop Wracking Your Brain. Good Copy -and Strong Visuals- Will Have Latinos Buy your Stuff

Forget Verizon’s mariachis, Kellogg’s Touch of Honey or Absolut Vodka’s re-drawn borders. Here is a great example of how a good visual -and a kick-ass name- will have Latinos run and buy your product, without spending a fortune on media … Continue reading

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And Just When You Thought Hispanic Media Couldn’t Sink Any Lower…

Target Style magazine, a title I’m not rushing out to buy, had the “brilliant” idea of body painting Niurka Marcos with the colors of the U.S. and Cuban flags… Why? may we wonder… To “Raise awareness about 50 years of … Continue reading

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Univision’s ‘Special Correspondent’ Grills President Obama on the Chimney Issue

Grammy-award winning singer and member of Univision’s Board of Directors, Gloria Estefan, this week sat down with President Obama to discuss some of the most pressing issues concerning U.S. Hispanics, including health-care reform, immigration, Latinos in the economy and -of … Continue reading

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It’s NOT the Network. It’s la Fiesta Total!

I suppose my career counselor was right when he said advertising was not for me. Otherwise, how could I possibly explain my failure to conceive a creative piece like the one above? Showing mariachis and folkloric dancers to show your … Continue reading

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Adweek’s ‘Marketing Special’ Unveils Shocking Revelations About U.S. Hispanics

Nielsen-owned Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek magazines, which -surprisingly- are still around, this week released a 5-page special advertising issue featuring some shocking revelations about U.S. Hispanic market, including: -Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. -Famous Hispanics include Salma … Continue reading

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NALEO Wants you to Know Joseph and Mary Got Themselves Counted. And so Should You

Behold this promotional ad for the 2010 Census, because if Evangelical leaders have their way, it might soon disappear from the face of the Earth. The above poster is part of a broad campaign by the National Association of Latino … Continue reading

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Harlem Barber Shop Embraces Diversity

I first bumped into this sign on November 25th, walking around West Harlem, happy to see “my people” were finally taking over a mostly Dominican neighborhood… But then, I walked by that place again only to find this: What on … Continue reading

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Hot, Passionate, Illegal… and Fully Literate?

Man, there was so much I didn’t know about Cristián de la Fuente, including the fact that he is prepping for the Dec. 29 release of Hot. Passionate. And Illegal (Penguin $24.99) a 304-page personal account of his experiences as … Continue reading

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Univision Wins Headline of the Week Hands Down

Have a wonderful, hoyo-free weekend!

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Mexicans Rejoice! You Too Can Own The Diet Ring

Adiós Dr. Manny! Mexico’s chubby taco-crazed populace is abuzz with the recent introduction of The Diet Ring, an “intriguing magnetic spiral ring” that will help you lose up to 38 pounds in one week (even while you cook or lie … Continue reading

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Latinos and Republicans Share Same Values… And an Unbridled Passion for Mariachi Music and Hats

In her ongoing campaign efforts to bring “a brighter future” to California, Meg Whitman wants Latinos to pick her as the state’s next governor. Why? Simply because, as Whitman says herself: “Many Latinos share the values of the Republican Party: … Continue reading

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In a Coup Against the McSkillet, a Hispanic Chef Latinizes the Burger

If you thought Latinos were going to stay on the sidelines after McDonald’s made the bold step to put its Big Mac on a tortilla, you were plain wrong. In an unprecedented, culinary vindictive coup, Hispanics (in Miami, where else?) … Continue reading

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Watch Out! Gringos Send UFO’s to Mexico Border

And by UFO’s I mean to say Unmanned Flying Objects. Just in time for this upcoming Season to be Jolly, the U.S. government has unveiled a “super” idea: It will begin using military predator drones to catch illegal immigrants along … Continue reading

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Shakira Goes to Oxford. Forgets to Take Bruiser

Shakira (the artist formerly known as a nice, Spanish-speaking non-blond Colombian singer) this week visited Oxford University, where she put a call for “universal access to education as a tool for world peace,” and blah, blah, blah… Which is, like, … Continue reading


Hispanic New Yorkers Find Novel Way to Mess Up their Offspring

If you thought U.S.-born Hispanics didn’t have enough tribulations, consider this: Their parents have found a novel way to screw them up from a very tender age, by giving them names their abuela (and probably themselves) will not be able … Continue reading

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