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¡Ay, Nanita! FB Wants Me to Friend ‘This Guy’

What did I ever do to Mark Zuckerberg that now he wants me to friend el “innombrable“? Just FYI: I did send him a friendship request, but I am still waiting for his answer. Unbelievably, though, he has over 4,000 … Continue reading

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Today’s WSJ Wants You to Read all About Los U.S.A.

From today’s paper. Read the Journal’s Census story here:

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U.S. Post Office Finally Acknowledges Latinos Laugh Real Hard. All the Time

Tired of cute kittens, war veterans or that boring flag? Coming soon to your nearby U.S. Post Office: Tito Puente, Carmen Miranda, Carlos Gardel and Selena. According to AP, the new set of five forever stamps going on sale today … Continue reading

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Guess Who Rang Wall Street’s Opening Bell Today?

March 22nd is ‘Mexico Day’ on Wall Street: Mexican ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhán, joined leaders from Mexican companies in ringing the opening bell on Wall Street this morning. Go figure. Photo:

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At Last! a Beer to Wash Down Fake Mexican Food

You have to give it to marketers for always trying to embrace different cultures. So not content with giving us Currito, Tostitos and fajita dinners from Old El Paso, they are giving us Rogue’s Chipotle Ale, the only thing I … Continue reading

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Univision CEO Joe Uva Leaves Post to ‘Be Able to Seek Other Opportunities,’ Namely Unemployment

Univision CEO Joe Uva has left the company to “be able to seek other opportunities,” Univision announced today. But what’s really weird is that they don’t want to tell me where the hell it is that he is going, and … Continue reading

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Coke-Zero Makes you Delusional Enough to Think Mexico Can Win the World Cup One Day

Here is the much awaited Coke-Zero spot featuring our beloved “Chicharito” trying out new things in his newly adopted country. He is so taken by Coke Zero and trying out new things, that he even drives on the “wrong” side … Continue reading

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