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Miss Mexico Really Feels Bad for Sandy’s Victims; Wears Fur to Express her Solidarity

Laura Karina González Muñoz has a heartfelt message for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. And here it is: Isn’t she something?

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Marketing Executives to be Immersed in Culture and Diversity… at a Miami Supermarket

Hispanic marketers and agencies are heading this weekend to Miami for the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Annual Conference. And what better way to showcase diversity than immersing attendees to a genuine Hispanic experience?  Organizers have partnered with AHAA, to … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Disney’s Princess Sofía is not Latina; Just a Regular non-Latina Fake Princess

Ay, caramba! I just got word from Alex Nogales over at the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and this is what he had to say about the whole Disney Latin Princess Non-News News: “Yesterday we met with Nancy Kanter, Senior … Continue reading

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Why I Will Never Identify with Disney’s ‘Latina’ Princess

I was totally going to pass on the whole “Disney has a Latino princess” “news.” But then I saw the “outrage” coming out from Latino-defense groups, including the Latino Coalition of Latino Groups that Defend Latino Things and Get Totally Pissed … Continue reading

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Maricopa Invites Hispanics to Vote … on November 8

Call it a Freudian slip or a legitimate “mistake.” But this blogger thinks this is just part of a bigger, evil plan for Brewer y sus secuaces to leave Latinos out of this election. According to CNN: Arizona’s Maricopa county … Continue reading


Univision’s New Logo Looks Like my Eyeglass Case

Univision this week announced the upcoming launch of a new corporate logo and image, an announcement so huge, it made the company’s CEO Randy Falco join Twitter. According to a Univision statement, the new logo: “Signifies its growth and transformation, … Continue reading

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Disney Thinks Latinos Like to Dance Cumbia While in Disney

Last time I checked, Latino families and their multiple mocosos loved to go to the Magic Kingdom of Disney to sing, dance and ride along with their non-Hispanic counterparts. But as a gesture to its growing Hispanic clientele, Disney Latino … Continue reading

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