Marketing Executives to be Immersed in Culture and Diversity… at a Miami Supermarket

Unlike regular Publix, Publix Sabor sells papas, refrescos and frijoles, instead of potato chips, sodas and beans.

Hispanic marketers and agencies are heading this weekend to Miami for the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Annual Conference.

And what better way to showcase diversity than immersing attendees to a genuine Hispanic experience?  Organizers have partnered with AHAA, to take attendees to a Cultural Immersion Tour, which, according to the agenda:

[…] will start at Publix Super Market’s 61,000-sq. ft. SABOR store in Hialeah, where attendees will sample an assortment of Hispanic Publix Deli plates.  Store management will guide small groups of attendees through the various departments and highlight products, such as Publix’ line of Hispanic brand products.”

For reasons I have yet to comprehend, this blogger has NOT been invited to such Cultural Feast, but perhaps things will change when they realize I actually go into full Mexican gear when cooking and stuff.

We’ll see.

BREAKING: Disney’s Princess Sofía is not Latina; Just a Regular non-Latina Fake Princess

Ay, caramba!

I just got word from Alex Nogales over at the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and this is what he had to say about the whole Disney Latin Princess Non-News News:

“Yesterday we met with Nancy Kanter, Senior Vice President, Original Programming & General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide, to discuss Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First.” She shared that “Sofia the First” is in fact not a Latina character and that the producer of the television program misspoke. We accept the clarification and celebrate the good news that Disney Junior has an exciting project in early development that does have a Latina as the heroine of the show. NHMC has agreed to share its writers alumni list from the prestigious NHMC/NLMC writers program in an effort to help create authentic, three-dimensional Latino characters. We appreciate Disney/ABC’s commitment to diversity and look forward to seeing more Latino lead characters as the stars of their shows.”

As Dra. Polo would say: Case is Closed!

Why I Will Never Identify with Disney’s ‘Latina’ Princess

I was totally going to pass on the whole “Disney has a Latino princess” “news.” But then I saw the “outrage” coming out from Latino-defense groups, including the Latino Coalition of Latino Groups that Defend Latino Things and Get Totally Pissed at Latino things on Mainstream Media… and other similar outlets.

The last straw came when NBC News’ Natalie Morales came out to say that she totally feels identified by Sofía, which made me get up from my afternoon siesta and take a stand, literally.

I feel duped. How on Earth am I supposed to feel identify with Sofía if, –according to Disney’s executives themselves– she is half-Enchancian and half-Galdizian, and I’m only half-chilanga and half-tapatía?

Can somebody please explain?

Maricopa Invites Hispanics to Vote … on November 8

Call it a Freudian slip or a legitimate “mistake.” But this blogger thinks this is just part of a bigger, evil plan for Brewer y sus secuaces to leave Latinos out of this election.

According to CNN:

Arizona’s Maricopa county listed the wrong date in the Spanish version of voter registration cards. Instead of November 6, the Spanish translation said the election would take place on November 8.

Ay caramba!

Univision’s New Logo Looks Like my Eyeglass Case

Univision this week announced the upcoming launch of a new corporate logo and image, an announcement so huge, it made the company’s CEO Randy Falco join Twitter.

According to a Univision statement, the new logo:

“Signifies its growth and transformation, and celebrates the culture of innovation built over the company’s 50-year history.”

I have no idea what any of this means, but I am starting to suspect these people were so jealous of my new glass case (in full display during my Queens interview with Don Francisco,) they decided to go with it, and since they’re powerful and stuff, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Oh well… You, readers, be the judges.

Disney Thinks Latinos Like to Dance Cumbia While in Disney

Last time I checked, Latino families and their multiple mocosos loved to go to the Magic Kingdom of Disney to sing, dance and ride along with their non-Hispanic counterparts. But as a gesture to its growing Hispanic clientele, Disney Latino has produced a super-terrific, culturally-relevant video celebrating Hispanic Heritage.

I personally prefer this other Disney-themed cumbia.

But, heck, that’s me!

hat tip: @latinorebels

Harry Reid Really Cares About the Latino Vote; Uses Piñatas as Background to Prove it

CNN on Sunday Oct. 7 will premiere Latino in America: Courting their vote, a documentary on the Latino outreach efforts by Democrats and Republicans.

The promo features an interview with U.S. Senator Harry Reid, who goes on about how important the Latino vote is for the Democrats in Nevada, and yada-yada-yada. To prove it, the Senator poses among a bunch of sandías, melones and colorful piñatas, including one in the form of a huge Corona bottle at the local Cárdenas supermarket.

How sweet! He reminds me of Mitt and Conchita.


Latinos are so Lazy, they Won’t Even Auto-Deport: Colbert

Jorge Ramos this week was in New York City to receive an EMMY award alongside his long-time co-anchor María Elena Salinas. But he also took the time to visit the set of The Colbert Report, where he was hilariously hammered on the topic of immigration, deportation and Mitt Romney’s mexicanness.

Watch Colbert ask Jorge tons of questions (using upside-down question marks, naturally.)

Watch it here or click on the photo above

‘Cosmopolitan’ Wants you to Know Latin Sex is Spicier than Regular Sex

Wanna know what’s worse than 50 Shades of Grey? A Cosmpolitan for Latinas review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Written by Ariel Nagi, the review aims at giving a “Latin twist” to the inexplicably Best-Selling book about bondage and spanking. Why? Well, because, as Jezebel cleverly points out, the author of this piece of shit notes that author E. L. James’s mother is Chilean. Duh!

Haven’t read the review yet? Here’s what you’re missing!

Scenario: Talk dirty…before sex. Christian and Anastasia send naughty emails to each other.

The Latino Way: Keep it old school and leave him a post-it note prepping him for what’s to come later tonight. Don’t get too sucia though, say something cute and witty like “pensando en ti” or if you want to get just a little sexier tell him you’ll be thinking of his hot body all day.

¡Ay, dios mío!

via: Jezebel