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A new telenovela starring the People Meter

If you thought Univision and Telemundo were the only ones in the business of giving Latinos their much-needed dose of drama, think again. In an effort to explain Latinos what the hell it is that it does, The Nielsen Company … Continue reading

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Welcome! … are you a U.S. citizen?

As a freelance writer for Crain’s Advertising Age, I have to visit their building every now and then. The publishing house occupies a couple of floors in a big building on 711 Third Avenue and, as it often is the … Continue reading

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Quotable quotes for the weekend….

“Jerry sold, collected his money and is having fun.” Univision CEO Joe Uva on whether Jerry Perenchio is at all involved in the network’s operation. (The Hollywood Reporter) “You will not have 20 Home Depots and 20 Wal-Marts.” Cuban exile … Continue reading

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Good lord! the iPod finds Jesus in Mexico

Want to sell stuff in Mexico? Reach out to Jesus Christ. That is exactly what computer retailer Compumac did to pitch its MacMerchandise in Queretaro, one of Mexico’s most pious cities: an image of Jesus wearing the ubiquitous white earphones … Continue reading

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Air France taps a ‘commie’ to pitch first-class service

Lucky travelers between Mexico City and Paris on Air France flights can now chose from a succulent menu that includes chicken breast in white pipián sauce, chicken supreme stuffed with almonds and sesame seeds in an olive and capers sauce … Continue reading

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Macy’s apologizes for racist T-Shirt

Here’s a good one. Macy’s department this week said it will no longer sell a T-shirt that turned out to offend the same people it was intended to please: Latino shoppers. Such offending T-shirt, which sold for $24.95, reads “Brown … Continue reading

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Disney targets smelly little Latinos

You know how smelly children can get –especially if they are Hispanic. But thankfully there are marketers out there who never stop working to bring us the best of their market research translated into products we didn’t know we needed … Continue reading

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