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John Oliver on Columbus Day: How Is this Still a Thing?

Those of you who really know me, know that I’ve been saying this, like, forever. But it takes a brilliant, non-American, non-journalist with tons of followers out there to say this just like it is. HOW IS COLUMBUS DAY STILL A … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Inquirer launches Spanish-language site called –what else?– El Inquirer

And here it is

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Owners of this Music Shop in Mexico Could Use a Crash Course in History

As a guitar enthusiast (and not very good player) I’m always looking around for music and guitar-related stuff online, but I honestly wasn’t ready for this. Mexican music shop Holocausto Music is being around for over 20 years and –apparently– … Continue reading

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The Avocado Duvet Cover Is a Hipster’s Dream Come True –and I’m Dead Now

If you thought the avocado craze in America had peaked at the avocado Halloween costume and the avo-romantic engagement stunt, think again. The folks over at Urban Outfitters are proudly peddling the Avocado Duvet Cover set, a “summer-perfect duvet in … Continue reading

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Americans Celebrate National Taco Day; I Suffer Immensely

There is nothing more depressing for this blogger than National Taco Day. So I’m just going to leave this here and brace myself for 2020. CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING SLIDESHOW TO FEEL MY PAIN

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